Changing Calendar Permissions

How to Change Permissions

By changing permissions on your calendar, you can allow others to view more event information and/or create events on your calendar.  You can do this on your own personal calendar as well as any calendars which you have created or which you have the permission to share.

1. Click the arrow to the right of a calendar and choose Share This Calendar.

2. The top part of the "Share This Calendar" screen allows you to choose the overall permissions of your calendar.  For example, if you were making a departmental deadlines calendar which you would like anyone at SLCC to see, you can Share this Calendar with everyone at SLCC and let them see all event details.

By default, everyone at SLCC can see your free/busy information.  We do not recommend changing this setting because it makes it easier for people to schedule meetings without having to pick up the phone.  Remember, if you are invited to a meeting and you can't make it, you can always decline the invitation.

3. The bottom part of the "Share This Calendar" screen allows you to give specific people access to your calendar. You can choose the level of access. 

After you add people to the list, remember to click Save to save your changes.   There are four levels of permission you can grant to your calendar, as outlined below:

Permission Levels

Individual Calendar Settings

See Only Free/Busy (hide event details)

The default setting for anyone you have not specifically shared your calendar with. Anyone on SLCC’s Gmail is able to see whether you are free or busy by adding and viewing your calendar or by trying to schedule an appointment with you.

See All Event Details

Can see all of the event’s details, including time, name, location etc.  Can’t change any event settings.  Cannot see private events.

Make Changes to Events

Can make changes only the calendar (edit, add, remove) but not change who can or cannot view and edit the calendar. Can see private events.

Make Changes and Manage Sharing
Can edit, add and remove events as well as invite, remove and edit the calendar sharing permissions – exactly what you are allowed to do as the calendar owner. Can see private events.

Resource Calendar Settings

For more information on resource (e.g. Conference Room) calendars, please refer to the page on Managing Resources.