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Do a Mail Merge


  1. Limitations
  2. BCC
  3. Connecting Outlook to your GoogleApps Account
    1. IMAP
    2. GASMO
  4. Using a Google Spreadsheet with JavaScript
  5. Alternate Solutions


In order to prevent spam, Google will temporarily disable accounts which send a lot of email in a short time.  It's important to be aware of these limits when doing a mail merge. Here are the limits, from Google's help pages:

  • 500 messages per day (i.e., you can hit 'Send' a maximum of 500 times)
  • 500 unique recipients per message
  • 2000 total emails per day (for example, you could send one message to a group of 500 people four times)

In addition to these limitations, Google will temporarily disable your account if you send a message to more than 500 recipients or if you send a large number of undeliverable messages.

According to the Google help center, you can only send a message to up to 100 people at a time if you use POP or IMAP.


If you don't need to customize content for your recipients, you can simply BCC them on an email.  You can put your own (or your department's) address in the To field and paste the list of recipients into Bcc.

Connecting Outlook to your GoogleApps Account

You can continue to send mail merges using Outlook, but you must configure Outlook to connect to your GoogleApps account. There are two ways to do this:


This is the easiest way and is recommended if you do not plan on using Outlook to view your calendar.


Google Apps Sync allows Outlook to sync fully with your GoogleApps account, including your calendar.  This involves more setup than IMAP and is not necessary unless you plan to view your Google calendar in Outlook.

If this is a feature that you would like to use, please read the following documentation on how to enable this functionality.

Using a Google Spreadsheet with JavaScript

Using this tutorial, you can create a Google spreadsheet that sends a mail merge.

Alternate Solutions

If you are sending large mailings or are contacting people for marketing purposes, alternate solutions such as the ones linked below are  often the most appropriate way to contact your audience.  They can have advantages such as the ability to send nicely-formatted HTML emails and track the success/open rate of your message.

Mail Chimp
Vertical Response
Constant Contact