2016 Legislative General Session Bill Tracking

The Vice President of Government and Community Relations takes an active role in monitoring proposed Legislative Bills under consideration during the Legislative General Session which may impact Salt Lake Community College. These tracking efforts are publicly shared and periodically updated. Please click on the links below to view legislative activities and proposed bills tracked for the benefit of our College community. For a complete list of Legislative activities, please visit the Utah State Legislature website.

Bill #TitleSponsor(s)
HB0008 State Agency Fees and Internal Service Fund Rate Authorization and Appropriations Rep. Dee and Sen. Stevenson
HB0015 Domestic Relation Retirement Shares Rep. McIff
HB0028 Grants for Educator Professional Learning Rep. Last
HB0040 Agency Reporting Requirements Rep. Last, B. and Sen. Millner
HB0045 STEM Program Amendments Rep. Peterson, V.
HB0047 Postretirement Employment Rural and
Title I School Exceptions
Rep. Cunningham
HB0053 Business Resource Centers Rep. Westwood and Sen. Millner
HB0081 Government Employees Insurance Offerings Amendments Rep. Kennedy
HB0086 Postretirement Employment Restrictions Rep Cunningham
HB0093 Organ Donor Amendments Rep. Froerer, G.
HB0102 Interpreter Services Amendments Rep. Edwards
HB0107 Early College High Schools Rep. Peterson
HB0112 Continuing Education for Contractor Licensing Rep Sandall and Sen Knudson
HB0113 Health Care Sharing Ministry Amendments Rep. Kennedy
HB0117 Modifications to Postretirement Reemployment Rep. Cunningham
HB0121 Building Code Amendments Rep. Fox
HB0122 Sales Tax exemption for public buildings contractors Rep. Powell, K.
HB0142 Agency Auditing Procedures for Education Rep. Cutler and Sen. Adams
HB0155S01 Child Pornography Reporting Rep. Hall
HB0171 Apprenticeship Authorization Act Rep. Anderegg
HB0173 Payroll Deductions for Union Dues Rep. Westwood
HB0182 Concurrent Enrollment Education Amendments Rep. Peterson and Sen. Millner
HB0188 Paid Family Leave Rep. Romero
HB0195 Living Wage Amendments Rep. Hemingway
HB0197 Lobbying by State Agencies Amendments Rep. Roberts
HB0204 Capital Development and Capital Improvement Projects Amendments Rep. Wilson
HB0205 Tier II Retirement Amendments Rep. Cunningham
HB0251 Post-Employment Restrictions Amendments Rep Schultz
HB0254 Resident Student Tuition Amendments Rep. Poulson
HB0262 Campus Anti-Harassment Act Rep. Coleman
HB0271 Charter School Authorizer Amendments Rep. Roberts
HB0288 Educational Records Protection Amendments Rep Hall
HB0299 Marriage Revisions Rep. Powell
HB0300 Body-Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement Rep McCay
HB0302 Utah Medicaid Amendments Rep. Ward
HB0336 Electricians Licensing Amendments Rep Christensen
HB0337S01 Student Right to Activate Counsel Rep. Coleman
HB0337 Student Right to Active Counsel Rep. Coleman
HB0353 Institutions of Higher Education Disclosure Rep. Coleman & Sen. Stephenson
HB0357 Longitudinal Data Management Act Rep. Anderegg
HB0365 Campus Free Expression Act Rep. Coleman
HB0379 Interstate Reciprocity Agreement for Postsecondary Distance Education Rep. Peterson
HB0388 State Job Applications Process Rep. Hollins
HB0410 Military Tuition Waiver Amendments Rep. Curtis
HB0432 Governmental Nonprofit Entity Compliance Rep. Coleman
HB0437 Health Care Revisions Rep. Dunnigan
HB0439 Retirement Amendments for Felony Conviction Rep. McCay
HB0449 Inmate Education Amendments Rep. Wheatley
SB0001 Higher Education Base Budget Sen. Urquhart
SB0006 Infrastructure and General Government Base Budget Sen. Harper and Rep. Froerer
SB0013 State Facility Energy Efficiency Fund Sen Jenkins and Rep Draxler
SB0018 Workforce Services Job Listings Amendments Sen. Knudsen
SB0019 Phased Retirement Sen Weiler and Rep Powell
SB0020 Retirement Systems Audit Recommendations Amendments Sen Weiler and Rep Powell
SB0029 Retirement Systems Amendments Sen Weiler and Rep Powell
SB0036 Postretirement Benefits Sen Mayne
SB0039 Medicaid Coverage for Adult Dental Students Sen Urquhart
SB0046 State Education Governance Revisions Sen. Jackson
SB0047 College Credit for Public Safety Officers Sen. Mayne
SB0048 Board Membership Restrictions Sen. Escamilla
SB0053 Veteran's Definition Amendments Sen. Knudsen
SB0056 Nurse Practice Act Amendments Sen. Vickers
SB0067 Partnerships for Student Success Sen. Millner and Rep. Edwards
SB0073 Medical Cannabis Act Sen. Madsen
SB0094 Law Enforcement Use of Body Cameras Sen. Thatcher
SB0097 Concealed Firearms Amendments Sen. Hinkins
SB0098 Arts and Cultural Education Spending Sen. Dabakis
SB0103 Strategic Workforce Investments Sen. Millner
SB0115 Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plant Act Sen Adams
SB0117 Commercial Interior Design Certification Modification Sen. Escamilla
SB0118 Uintah Basin Air Quality Research Project Sen Van Tassell and Rep Chew
SB0131 Utah College of Applied Technology Governance Amendments Sen Urquhart
SB0139 Board of Education Approval Amendments Sen Stephenson
SB0143 Competency-Based Learning Amendments Sen Stephenson
SB0148 Workforce Services Revisions Sen. Weiler
SB0152 Accelerated Foreign language Course Amendments Sen. Stephenson
SB0156S01 State Facilities Amendments Sen. Harper
SB0156 State Facilities Amendments Sen. Harper
SB0166 Utah Science, Technology, And Research Sen. Millner
SB0184 Procurement Code Modifications 2016 Sen. Jenkins
SB0188 Higher Education Capital Facilities Sen. Urquhart
SB0193 Utah Communications Authority Act Amendments Sen. Harper
SB0211 Private Use of Drones Sen. Stephenson
SB0214 Workplace Abusive Conduct Amendments Sen. Jackson
SCR003 Concurrent Resolution Supporting American Indian and Alaskan Native Education State Plan Sen. Van Tassell
SCR006 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 20th Anniversary of the Utah Educational Savings Plan Sen. Vickers
SCR019 Concurrent Resolution on Education Sen. Adams
SJR004 Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - Education Funding Sen. Dabakis
SJR012 Change to School Funds Sen. Millner and Rep. Brown