2017 Legislative General Session Bill Tracking

The Vice President of Government and Community Relations takes an active role in monitoring proposed Legislative Bills under consideration during the Legislative General Session which may impact Salt Lake Community College. These tracking efforts are publicly shared and periodically updated. Please click on the links below to view legislative activities and proposed bills tracked for the benefit of our College community. For a complete list of Legislative activities, please visit the Utah State Legislature website.

Bill #TitleSponsor(s)
HB24 Student Prosperity Plan – Tax Amendments Rep. Peterson
HB54 Campus Free Speech Amendments Rep. Coleman
HB100 Institutions of Higher Disclosure Requirements Rep. Coleman
HB103 Campus Anti-harassment Act Rep. Coleman
HB 249 Higher Education Financial Literacy Amendments Rep. Spendlove
HB 251 Campus Advocate Confidentiality Amendments Rep. Romero
HB 275 Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act Amendments Rep. Greene
HB 284 Student Right to Active Counsel Rep. Coleman
HB 326 Campus Sexual Violence Protection Act Rep. Coleman
HB 334 Academic Freedom and Protection Act Rep. Coleman
HCR 16 Concurrent Resolution Declaring Mental Health Issues to Be a Public Health Crisis At Utah Higher Education Rep. Redd
SB0035 Veterans Tuition Gap Program Act Amendments Sen. Escamilla and Rep. Ray
SB 117 (1st Sub.) Higher Education Performance Funding Sen. Millner and Rep. Wilson
SB 194 (5th Sub.) Utah Data Research Center Act Sen. Anderegg and Rep. Knotwell
SB 238 Higher Education Governance Revisions Sen. Millner
SB 255 Funding for Education Systems Amendments Sen. Stephenson
SB 256 Regentsꞌ Scholarship Amendments Sen. Hillyard and Rep. McCay