Graduation Office


The Graduation Office offers the following services:
  • Upon receipt of a graduation application, the Graduation Office determines eligibility for graduation and notifies student of results.
  • Posts graduation to official transcripts.
  • Orders diplomas, which are mailed to students approximately ten weeks after the graduating semester ends.
  • Prepares verification letters for students seeking proof of  anticipated graduation.

Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation from SLCC, students must:

  1. Be a current, matriculated (degree seeking) student.
  2. Apply for graduation at least one semester or term prior to completing requirements, and by the priority deadline published in the SLCC Academic Calendar.
  3. Based on the program requirements most programs require 60 to 72 credit hours of courses numbered 1000 or higher.
  4. Complete requirements for a certificate of completion, a diploma, or a degree as outlined in the catalog.
  5. Cumulative grade point average (GPA) must be 2.0 or higher.
  6. "I" grades necessary for graduation must be completed.
  7. students requesting a substitution should see an academic advisor. Some course substitutions may require approval by the department or division chair.
  8. Clear all College financial obligations in order to graduate.
  9. Complete a minimum of 25% credit hours from Salt Lake Community College
  10. Repeated course work may only count once in the total credit hours earned for graduation.
  11. Diploma name must be the same name as declared on the SLCC student record.
  12. Students pursing dual degree programs must apply and pay for each program.
  13. Application for graduation is valid for one year. A new application and additional payment will be required after the one-year time period has elapsed.
  14. Course numbered 0001-0999 may not be used toward graduation.

 Students submitting a graduation application will receive correspondence via email regarding approval for graduation. Students not cleared for graduation will receive an email directing them to speak with Academic Advising about their missing requirements. The Graduation Office will evaluate the academic record in accordance with the program requirements for which the student has applied. The Graduation Office will determine graduation eligibility in the catalog year the student was admitted unless there is a two-year break. If there is a two-year break, the current catalog year will be used. A future catalog year may be used by noting the preferred catalog year on the graduation application.

Diploma Remakes 

Diploma remakes are available for a $25 fee a separate remake form is required for each degree. Diplomas may not be ordered by a third party. Diploma names are the recorded name on the student and pay the fee at cashiering. You will need to fill out the Diploma Remake . To change or update your name contact the Data Center at 801-957-4283.

School of Applied Technology Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduating from programs offered through the School of Applied Technology, students must successfully complete or be on target to successfully complete their program of study by the SLCC graduation date. Students meeting these criteria will be notified by mail.

Honor Graduates & Cords

Students who complete coursework with a cumulative grade-point average between 3.50 and 3.79 will be awarded honors at graduation and qualify for a silver cord. Students who complete coursework with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.80 or higher will be awarded high honors and qualify for a gold cord (for more info see Dean's List & President's List in SLCC Catalog page 39). Students who complete the requirement for the Civically-Engaged Scholar program will be awarded a royal blue cord at graduation. Veterans who complete all graduation requirements will receive an honorary red, white & blue cord at graduation.

Salt Lake Community College Posthumous Degree Policy

All Degrees, Certificates of Completion, & Diplomas awarded by Salt Lake Community College may be issued posthumously under the following conditions:

  1. The deceased student has completed a minimum of 80% of program and credit-hour requirements for his/her major field of study
  2. The deceased student is in good academic standing and has earned a minimum grade-point average of 2.00 at Salt Lake Community College.
  3. The deceased student must have been enrolled in the college within the past two years.

A deceased student not eligible for a posthumous Degree, Certificate of Completion or Diploma, may be awarded a Certificate of Academic Achievement at the discretion of the college.

  1. A formal request for the Degree/Certificate of Completion/Diploma to be awarded posthumously may be initiated by an interested person or organization associated with the deceased student, and must be submitted to the Vice President for Student Services, accompanied by documentation of the student's death.
  2. The Vice President will request a review of the deceased student's record by the Graduation Office to verify that minimum requirements have been met.
  3. The Registrar will certify to the Vice President that minimum requirements have or have not been met.
  • If Minimum requirements have been satisfied, the Graduation Office will provide so notify the Vice President, provide the appropriate Degree, Certificate of Completion, or Diploma, with Diploma cover, to the requestor, and post the award on the deceased student's transcript
  • If minimum requirements are not met, the Degree, Certificate of Completion or Diploma will not be awarded, and the Vice President will determine if the circumstances warrant the awarding of a Certificate of Academic Achievement.
  • If the Certificate of Academic Achievement is to be awarded, the Graduation Office will provide it to the requestor. No notations of this certificate will be made on the deceased student's transcript

      4.  The Vice President will communicate the results of the request to the requestor.  

Diploma mailing time frame

Diplomas will be mailed approximately ten weeks after the day that grades are due. Graduation applications submitted after the posted deadline will be held until the following semester and accompanying diplomas will be mailed ten weeks after that semester. Please contact the Graduation Office with questions or concerns.