Pre-Admission Exams

Please follow these steps in sequence for best results scheduling and completing your TEAS pre-admission test:

  1. Read the information on the Health Science Assessment Center webpages. Some information has been superseded because of the closure of the testing center but much of the information about the TEAS is still valid.
    1. Most communication will be by email – watch for new messages
  2. If you have not already done so, create an ATI account at ATI Testing
    1. The first and last name you use in your ATI account, on RegisterBlast on the ID card you will use and on your Nursing Program Application must all match.
  3. Remember your ATI username and password – you’ll need it to take your Dry Run and the TEAS exam.
  4. Schedule a 'Dry Run' on
    1. In the RegisterBlast site select Health Science Pre-Admission > ATI Dry Run
    2. Complete the remainder of the form. You can schedule the Dry Run as late as one hour before the Dry Run start time.
    3. When you successfully complete the registration, you will see a confirmation message. Make note of the 8-digit code in the confirmation. You will need this to access the Dry Run.
    4. A Dry Run is used to orientate the test taker to the Proctorio start up process and to ensure that the test taker’s computer and internet connection are compatible with Proctorio’s requirement.
    5. The Dry Run must be successfully completed at least a day before you wish to take the TEAS
    6. The Dry Run should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.
    7. Before you attempt the Dry Run log into and look for the 'Support' Icon in the lower right corner of the page. atisupport.png
    8. Click that icon and in the section 'ATI Remote Proctoring with Proctorio' read the Student Quick Start Guide and watch the Student Orientation Video.
    9. At the scheduled time and date, log into ATITESTING.COM select the tab MY ATI and click the green button 'Add Product' Enter the 8-digit code for the Dry Run and read and follow the instructions.
    10. If your Dry Run is not successful, correct the issues and schedule another Dry Run.
  5. Schedule the TEAS on the same RegisterBlast site where you scheduled the Dry Run. You can schedule your TEAS before the Dry Run is completed but you cannot start the TEAS before the Dry Run is complete.
    1. Select Health Science Pre-Admission > ATI TEAS Spring 2020
    2. TEAS must be scheduled at least 24 hours before the test begins
    3. Watch your email for TEAS specific instructions. An email will be sent no later than one hour before the test begins with your test code. You must know this test code, your username and password to start the TEAS.
  6. At the scheduled time and date, log into ATITESTING.COM select the tab MY ATI and click the green button 'Add Product' Enter the 8-digit code which was sent to you for the TEAS exam and read and follow the instructions.
    1. The TEAS is a timed test. Watch the time remaining counter. You may pause the test to take short breaks but once your five minutes of 'pause' time runs out the test timer will continue to count down your remaining time.
    2. You are not allowed to use cell phones, hand held calculators or other electronics during the exam
    3. You are allowed to use scratch paper and a pencil during the exam. Display the blank paper to the webcam at the beginning of the test and the paper at the end of the test and then destroy the paper when the test is finished.
  7. If you need to reschedule a test that you have not yet completed, you must call 801-957-6225 to obtain an access code. You will then go to the same RegisterBlast site, choose Health Science Pre-Admission > Reschedule ATI TEAS Spring 2020 . You will need to enter the access code and pay a $20 rescheduling fee.
  8. If you complete the TEAS and wish to retake it you must wait 14 days before you can retake the exam. You must pay the full test fee and you will be given a different 8-digit code.

If you have questions about these procedures please email You can also call during normal working hours 801-957-6220/6225.

Rescheduling a test vs re-taking a test

You may reschedule a HESI or TEAS test that you have not yet started. Rescheduling is available to those students who missed or cannot make their original appointment. There is a $20 fee to reschedule. Reschedule an existing test that has not yet been taken.

If you have taken a test, you may not reschedule it. It has been used.

If you wish to re-take a test to improve your score, you must schedule and purchase a new test for the full price. There is a mandatory two-week waiting period that starts on the day you complete a HESI or TEAS before another attempt is allowed. Do not schedule a re-take of a test within that two week waiting period. If you intend to re-take a test and make the mistake of trying to reschedule a test that has been taken, your request to reschedule will be denied and the $20 fee will not be refunded.

Testing Policies

Please review and familiarize yourself with the Jordan Health Sciences Assessment Center testing policies.