Pre-Admission Exams

Plan Your Pre-Admission Exam

Begin planning for your admission exam as soon as possible. Nursing requires prospective students to take the TEAS exam, while many (but not all) Allied Health and Health Professionals programs require prospective students to take the HESI exam. For best results do these five steps in the order they are listed.

  1. Meet with your program Academic Advisor to make sure you’re signing up for the correct exam.
  2. Schedule your exam at least a week in advance. Use this link to schedule and pay for your test.

    Schedule HESI or TEAS Exam

  3. Create an Evolve (HESI) or ATI (TEAS) account after scheduling your exam. Do not schedule or pay for a test on these sites. Just use them to create your account.

    Create an Evolve Account Create an ATI Account

  4. Review Assessment Center Policies.
  5. Bring your Evolve/ATI account info with you on test day. Bring a government issued ID card that has your first and last name and a photo. The name on the ID card must match the name used to register for the test.

Exam Dates


  • June 1, 5, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 26
  • July 10,13,16,25,29
  • August 3,7,9,14,15,16,19,20,29
  • September 7,11,17,26
  • October 5,9,15,24,29
  • November 2,6,12,21,25
  • December 16,17,18,19

Call 801-957-6225 for further information. Tests on Wednesday’s start at 5 pm. Tests on all other days start at 8:30 am. Test dates and times shown on this webpage may be changed, however the test scheduler will have current offerings. Test dates for upcoming semesters will be added about a month before the start of that semester.

You must schedule your exam at least a week in advance. If there are extreme circumstances requiring you to schedule an exam less than a week in advance, call the Assessment Center at 801-957-6220 to make a request. Be prepared to explain your circumstances in justification of your request. If you go into the online exam scheduler and don’t see a date listed below, call us to find out if it’s possible to open additional seats for that session.

The exam fee for both the HESI and the TEAS is $100 when you take the test at the Jordan Health Science Assessment Center. You will need to pay that fee online with a credit card when you schedule your exam.

Note: The exam fee is nonrefundable. If you need to reschedule your admission exam, use the link above and select Reschedule. There is a $20 rescheduling fee. Your exam will not automatically be rescheduled, but your request will be evaluated and you will receive an email confirming your request and a subsequent email approving or denying your request.

Rescheduling a test vs re-taking a test

You may reschedule a HESI or TEAS test that you have not yet started. Rescheduling is available to those students who missed or cannot make their original appointment. There is a $20 fee to reschedule. Reschedule an existing test that has not yet been taken.

If you have taken a test, you may not reschedule it. It has been used.

If you wish to re-take a test to improve your score, you must schedule and purchase a new test for the full price. There is a mandatory two-week waiting period that starts on the day you complete a HESI or TEAS before another attempt is allowed. Do not schedule a re-take of a test within that two week waiting period. If you intend to re-take a test and make the mistake of trying to reschedule a test that has been taken, your request to reschedule will be denied and the $20 fee will not be refunded.

Distance Testing

If you live a significant distance from Salt Lake City, it may save you time and money to take your pre-admission exam closer to home. This testing can be done by certified testing centers. SLCC Health Sciences will need to provide codes to you so your test results will be sent to the correct admission office.

It sometimes takes several extra weeks to set up distance testing. Plan ahead and contact us before scheduling an exam at another testing center.

Testing Policies

Please review and familiarize yourself with the Jordan Health Sciences Assessment Center testing policies.