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Who We Are

Salt Lake Community College has a long history of serving students from underrepresented communities. Although SLCC is the most diverse higher education institution in Utah, its student population is less diverse than Salt Lake County. For the past five years, our equity and completion strategies have sought to represent all racialized populations in enrollment and graduation at a 1:1 ratio, mirroring County demographics. As the largest minoritized population at SLCC, Latinx/a/o students face unique systemic barriers in college. Consequently, in 2020-2021, college leadership endorsed a recommendation from Strategy 10: Close the Completion Gap through Targeted Supports to establish the Emerging Hispanic-Serving Institution Collaborative Work Team (CWT). The overarching goal of the Emerging HSI CWT is to address the needs of Latinx/a/o students and focus on developing and implementing a formalized plan for SLCC to become an HSI.

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2021-2022 Goals

  1. Establish Emerging HSI CWT Membership
  2. Develop and implement a formalized plan for SLCC to become an HSI, including:
    • Outlining the work to be performed over the next three years;
    • Performing a literature review and/or original research on how other institutions have achieved this status;
    • Providing recommendations regarding best practices for serving Latinx/a/o students through identity- and culture-enhancing programs, services, and actions;
    • Working with the Office of Data Science and Analytics to assess institutional performance, identifying and analyzing key metrics and how they align to broader institutional goals; and
    • Joining associations for HSIs such as the Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE) and/or the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU).
  3. Support Vice Presidents and act in an advisory capacity in equity efforts underway in their divisions.
  4. Engage stakeholders to ensure participation, collaboration, and clear communication of the importance of and benefits gained from becoming an HSI.
  5. Maintain internal communication with regular updates on the work accomplished.


Executive Sponsor Dr. Juone Kadiri
Chief Diversity Officer

Alonso R. Reyna Rivarola
Director of Middle School Family Engagement

Richard A. Diaz
Interim Co-Associate AVP for Student Success and Director of Orientation & Student Success

Administrative Support Nadine Bone
Director of Admissions Kate Gildea Broderick (or designee)
Faculty Representatives

Mequette Sorensen

Allen Tanner

Data Science and Analytics Representative

Mike Nguyen

Diego Pliego Nava

Dean and Associate Dean Representatives

Dr. Craig Caldwell

Dr. Jennifer Saunders

SAT/ESL – Maria Ammar

Assistant Director of Financial Aid Fernando Alzerreca
Jordan Campus
Institutional Marketing Representative Tonia Day
Director of Library Services Jon Glenn
Executive Director, Office of Sponsored Projects Nicole Omer (or designee)
SLCCSA VP for Equity and Diversity Representative Kaily Ruiz
Staff Representatives

Idolina Quijada
West Valley Center Coordinator

Veronica Medina
Academic Advisor

Brenda Santoyo
Dream Center

Student Representatives

Ariane Alves de Oliveira Barboza

Brian Ruelas

Joan López Figueroa (Alumni)

People and Workplace Culture Representative Dr. Liz Rogers
AVP for Planning and Budget Planning Office Darren Marshall (or designee)