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Counseling Services

Emotional ups and downs are part of life but sometimes things get too difficult to handle alone. When emotions are overwhelming and affect your functioning at home, work, or school, it may be time to seek help. Health and Wellness Services provides affordable counseling services for students, faculty, and staff. We want you be your best self through staying emotionally healthy!


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How Do I Make an Appointment?

You must be a currently enrolled student (taking classes during the current semester) to access SLCC Health & Wellness Counseling Services. To schedule an appointment, call or visit the appropriate office and be prepared to give us your contact information including your name, SLCC student number, date of birth, and a working telephone number.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you are a Salt Lake Community College student, office visits are $10 per session. Payment for services and/or labs are due at the time of service.

Clients who do not show for their appointment will be assessed a $10 fee. If a client cancels or reschedules less than 24 hours prior to his/her scheduled appointment, he/she will be assessed a $10 fee. Please review Health & Wellness Services No Show, Cancellation, Reschedule Policy prior to making an appointment. We appreciate your understanding and support of this policy.

If you are an employee at Salt Lake Community College with benefits, we encourage you to utilize services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Our first priority is to students. For those faculty and staff interested in accessing our counseling services, your cost is $25 per session. Payment for services and/or labs are due at the time of service.

Who Will I See?

Our staff is comprised of a psychologist and licensed clinical social workers of diverse backgrounds who specialize in working with college students. We welcome all students regardless of race, sex, ethnic background, religion, age, sexual orientation, citizenship or physical status.

What Can I Expect From My Initial Intake Appointment?

The initial intake appointment allows us to gather information, get a clear picture of your needs, and begin to formulate appropriate interventions to help you solve your problems. At times, this could involve our referring you to another agency or professional who may better serve your needs.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete some brief and confidential paper work, or feel free to print and fill out the forms before your appointment. 

Why Might I Need Counseling?

Meeting individually, as a couple, or in group counseling  for a series of confidential sessions provides an opportunity to explore your concerns and to discover ways to implement possible solutions.

Our primary goal is to assist students in their adjustment to college life and to help them take full advantage of the academic and social environment at the College.  By utilizing our services, students can learn to manage personal problems and situational crises effectively, learn strategies to cope with academic stress, and develop self-awareness, personal responsibility, and skills for life-long learning.

Our counselors are trained to talk about anything that is troubling you, including:

    - Depression
    - Loss and Grief
    - Anxiety
    - Stress
    - Adjusting to a different culture
    - Relationships
    - Sexual Identity
    - Alcohol and/or drug abuse
    - Domestic Violence
    - Rape
    - Eating Disorders
    - Suicide

No matter the emotional need, seek help. It's what successful people do!