Center for Health and Counseling

Health Promotion

Health Education and Promotion Services helps students make informed, healthy decisions about their lifestyle and behavior through education and support. Prevention and healthy living are essential to students' academic success. We also provide assistance to students who have specific concerns about their well-being. Issues we can assist with include, but are not limited to, alcohol and drugs, nutrition, fitness, relationships, safe sex education, stress management, and smoking cessation.


Provide educational resources, such as brochures, books, videos, and  posters for students interested in maintaining or improving their health. Assist faculty with guest lecturing, providing literature, and other support services related to their specific requests. Requests for presentations must be made at least two weeks in advance of presentation date. Payments for services and/or labs are due at time of service.

Student Health Advisory Club (SHAC) 

Students trained as peer educators  teach their peers how to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors through various activities and events held monthly. 

Programs Offered:

Healthy Lifestyles
This program is a series of workshops that teaches students how to adopt a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and fitness. Students learn the importance of how eating healthy and being physically fit correlates to academic and lifelong success. 

Alcohol & Impaired Driving Prevention 
Focuses on prevention education, harm reduction and prevention skills related to underage drinking, impaired driving, binge drinking, and Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD). The program also provides participants with safe alternatives to substance use. This program is offered yearly. Events are scheduled during National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (October) and the week prior to Spring Break. 

Tobacco Cessation & Great American Smoke Out   
The Tobacco Cessation Program is an eight week program offered to SLCC students, staff, and faculty for $40. Facilitators meet with clients in a group setting on a weekly basis. The Great American Smoke Out is an event encouraging students to quit smoking. It is offered the third week of November. Both programs provide participants with materials and skills to quit tobacco.

Sexual Responsibility 
Teaches students how to communicate with his/her partner, build relationships, identify sexually transmitted infections (STI), use a condom correctly, and be intimate without having sexual intercourse. During December, a HIV/sexual health program is offered to students educating them on HIV awareness, sexual health, and sexual responsibility. Safe sex education and abstinence-friendly materials are provided during both programs.

Heart Health 
Focuses on heart disease risk factor prevention in young adults. Students are able to identify risk factors of heart disease and prevention methods to reduce their risk factors. Students are also taught ways to increase their fitness levels and how to develop healthier eating habits.

Sleep Hygiene
Educates students on better sleep practices, recommended amount of sleep for college students, and how sleep affects your grades. Educational information on attaining better sleep health can be found in the upper right corner of this page under links and events.

Stress Management
This program focuses on providing students with a relaxing environment to de-stress and also teaches them skills to manage their stress.

Student Health Advisory Club

SHAC meetings will be held every 1st & 3rd Friday in the Presidents' Room (225) of the Student Center at Taylorsville/Redwood Campus. 

Club Advisor: 
Tatiana Burton