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Even with SLCC's low tuition and fees, many students require financial support to attend and not everyone is eligible for federal aid. SLCC keeps college financially accessible by offering a wide range of scholarships for nearly every type of student.

Partnership for accessing college education (PACE)

PACE is designed to promote high school graduation and college participation among economically disadvantaged or first-generation students. High schoolers who complete PACE receive a full two-year scholarship to SLCC and extra support through mentoring and enhanced advising.

Jasmin Topete

Jasmin Topete's parents struggled to make ends meet, so she didn't think she would be able to go to college. "My parents did everything they could for me, but I knew that I would be on own after high school."

That changed when she learned about SLCC's PACE program. As a West High School student, she enrolled in PACE, which helped her stay motivated. After high school, she enrolled at the college and majored in Social Work. She has since graduated from SLCC as well as the University of Utah, where she earned a bachelor's degree in 2021. Jasmin's strong work ethic drove her academic success, and she credits PACE with providing the tools to help her progress. "It has really helped me achieve my dreams," she said.

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Endowed Scholarships

Donors wishing to make larger gifts have the option to endow a scholarship in the department or program of their choice. Gifts are invested and the returns are used to help students pay for their education or training.

Kristy Ashby

Kristy Ashby took a 17-year break from college to raise her children. Her son was diagnosed with a chronic illness at age nine, and during his treatment she met several amazing medical professionals.

Seeing these doctors and nurses in action inspired Kristy to go back to school, but the cost proved to be an obstacle. Fortunately, she was able to take advantage of a scholarship that allowed her to earn an associate's degree through SLCC's Occupational Therapy Assistant program.

After leaving SLCC, Kristy has dedicated herself to giving back to the community. She is currently making a difference in the lives of others as a certified occupational therapist assistant in the Alpine School District.

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