Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Council for Transformation (EDICT)

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Council for Transformation (EDICT) was founded in 2020 by Dr. Lea Lani Kinikini, the Chief Diversity Officer, to create a campus-wide circle with a growth-based culture and ecology. EDICT’s approach grounded in transformative education, (the mission of SLCC), emerging out of critical pedagogy, frames four steps of critical and transformative pedagogy that are influenced greatly by Paulo Freire, Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Sandy Grande, Ivan Illich, and bell hooks: (1) issue, (2) learning, (3) reflection, and (4) education. For instance, (1) the issue could be riding a bicycle, (2) it is key to fall and make mistakes in learning to ride a bicycle, (3) to get better at riding a bicycle one must reflect on what techniques work and do not work, (4) finally when one masters the techniques they are educated in riding a bicycle.

EDICT’s goal is to transform the internal campus culture at Salt Lake Community College to reflect and center our Mission, Vision, and Values, which are grounded in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). The Chief Diversity Office is the nexus to nurture and strengthen a campus-wide ecosystem, creating a synergistic framework that connects SLCC’s resources, institutional memories, strategic efforts, and ongoing actions. This framework increases awareness, reduces duplication, validates multivocality, and fosters the sharing of resources. Furthermore, these practices of collaboration and engagement create a supportive and caring culture that gives us hope that we can build a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive community at SLCC.

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Gina C. Alfred, Coordinator, Student Services and Site Support 
Gina C. Alfred is the Student Affairs Coordinator for Campus and Site Services, North Region, at the Westpointe and Airport Centers. In addition, she currently serves as Co-Advisor of the Black Student Union, Advisor of Link’s Campus Ministry, Facilitator of InterVarsity Campus Bible Study, Co-Chair of the First-Generation Celebration Committee, and Treasurer of the Ethnic Minority Employee Coalition. Gina has a Bachelor of Religion in Biblical and Theological Studies and is currently pursuing her Master of Divinity; both from Liberty University. As an avid champion and cheerleader for individuals from marginalized societies, Gina makes it her priority to ensure that equal and equitable practices are harvested in their favor. As the incoming Delegate-Elect for various Salt Lake Community College locations, Gina is pleased to have the privilege of serving her SLCC co-workers! 


Juone Kadiri, Instructor, Social Work and Coordinator, Faculty Development

Dr. Juone Kadiri pursued her Ph.D. in African Studies from Howard University. As a part of her dissertation research, she conducted in-depth family and individual interviews with multigenerational Ghanaian families in the Virginia, District of Columbia, and Maryland. After working for four years she returned to school to earn a Master’s of Social Work from The University of Georgia with a concentration on Community Empowerment and Program Development. Her final MSW project provided a review of Ghana’s policy of dual citizenship and the implications for the African heritage people in the Diaspora. Lastly, she attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and received a Bachelor’s in Social Work. She has a diverse professional experience working with families in their homes, health care facilities, and schools. Her career began as a medical social worker in the Women’s division at UAB hospital. She helped families prepare for taking their newborn babies home and also connected them to community programs when they needed additional support.  She co-created a bereavement program for families that experienced the loss of an infant.  She continued her work with multicultural families in a prevention program that provided home based parenting support called Healthy Families Fairfax.  Dr. Kadiri supported five sites with training and technical support.  In an effort to address the disproportionality data in the county, she designed and implemented a program specifically to engage and work with African American families in Fairfax County.  Training professionals to work with diverse populations became an area of interest. She continued her career by partnering with families, in their homes to create educational, developmental and parenting goals. Lastly, in the last four years she taught in urban schools where she taught Pre-K to 8th graders. She utilized her social work skills and knowledge to as well as her love of teaching to provide holistic support. Her main research and teaching interest includes educating students and professionals to work with diverse groups.   Researching and exploring identity development and culture and studying the heterogeneousness of identity and identity formation amongst the African Diaspora is a passion. The research has focused she is involved in analyzes the ways in which Ghanaians perceive, construct and negotiate identity and culture in the context of dominant Western culture, by exploring the utilization of literature, music, media and film to construct and reinforce identities. To that end she enjoys teaching and research to enhance the understandings of the complexity of the changing world, and the dynamics and diversity of the world community.