Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Grant

Accepting Proposals in the Fall!

(Due on October 5, 2018)

The Special Assistant to the President seeks to leverage faculty, staff and student-driven innovation to improve the recruitment and retention efforts of diverse faculty, staff and students. Known as the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Grant (EDI), this initiative will challenge faculty, staff, and students to conceive and implement projects that advance campus diversity.

Beginning September 3, 2018, the Special Assistant to the President will again be soliciting proposals from faculty, staff, and student organizations for the implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives and projects that impact underrepresented/underserved communities. The maximum of each awarded grant is $2,000.

Faculty, staff and student organizations are encouraged to submit proposals that are innovative, impactful and move the needle on diversity for underrepresented/underserved populations.

Proposals for projects or research in one or more of the following target areas are encouraged:

  • Measurable, meaningful increases in the number of underrepresented faculty, staff and students on campus.
  • Create a welcoming and inclusive campus environment where differences are respected and valued, and opportunities for success are supported for all students, staff and faculty.
  • Enhancing competency within our community. Prioritizing the use of resources both to raise awareness of how others may perceive the campus climate and to take steps to improve it.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals must be submitted to Dr. Roderic R. Land, Special Assistant to the President. Successful proposals will include and clearly identify the following components:

  • a title
  • a narrative description of the proposed initiative,
  • an annotated list of key personnel and their roles in the project,
  • a budget including justification and appropriate cost sharing,
  • a schedule of deliverables
  • and, if applicable, methods in which the program will be sustained beyond this award period.

Other Types of Proposals Accepted

  • Proposals requesting seed money for development of a diversity initiative or for a one-time program grant to increase diversity. Such proposals should focus on activities to develop a proposal for another funding source.
  • Proposals requesting funds to support existing programs and initiatives that meet the target areas will also be considered.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

A panel of faculty and staff appointed by the Special Assistant to the President will be charged with reviewing and ranking the proposals. It is anticipated that 5 proposals will receive funding during the remainder of this academic year; however, proposals requesting smaller amounts of funding may be awarded as well. If the committee determines that none of the proposals merit funding, it is possible that no funds will be distributed.

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Anticipated effectiveness in addressing diversity as it pertains to student success
  • Proposer’s level of ownership and commitment to diversity.
  • Fostering and use of partnerships among faculty and or staff to address the targeted area.

Award Administration

Work on the funded projects must start within 90 days of the award notification and be completed within a year of the start date. Awardees are expected to complete a final report, no longer than three pages, and submit it to the Special Assistant to the President within 60 days of project’s conclusion. The final report should include:

  • Program objectives and impacts: How was the identified need addressed and how effective was the project?
  • Project evaluation: Describe how the project effectiveness was determined.
  • Sustainability: Will the program continue? Describe plans to continue, extend, or modify this program for the future.

Please submit proposals and direct any questions to Roderic R. Land, Ph.D..

Roderic R. Land, Ph.D.
AAB 407