About us

Our Goals

  1. Provide a challenging and exciting training environment for high school and college interns
  2. Provide optimal access to all interns to increase success in their career path
  3. Provide quality research services to contract company partners in a directed and timely fashion
  4. Contribute to economic and workforce development for the State of Utah

Management Team

Our laboratory is managed by two PhD scientists and a masters degree research associate. Our start-up funding was provided by the National Science Foundation and our current corporate partners are: Echelon Biosciences, BioFire Diagnostics, NeuroAdjuvants, Cytozyme, Inscent, Knudra, Utah Biotech, and Ross Southern Laboratories.

Financial Information

The InnovaBio program received federal funding from the national Science Foundation for three years (July 2004-July 2007). These grant funds supported salaries, consumables and capital equipment purchases.