FAQ for Interns

InnovaBio™ internships are open to several types of students:

  • Salt Lake Community College biotechnology students
  • Itineris High School students
  • Any Utah High School student enrolled in a high school biotechnology course
  • Any college student pursuing a degree in the life sciences

The internships are not paid.However students that qualify for work study may use the internship hours towards their qualifying time.

Interns commit to spending 2-4 days per week, 2-4 hours per day reviewing the scientific literature, writing new protocols, planning experiments, working in the lab, analyzing experimental results, and participating in lab meetings.

Our Director assigns students to projects based on the interest, experience and skill level of each student.

InnovaBio™ interns gain valuable laboratory research experience that will help develop a career in a biotechnology field. Several of our graduates indicate the bench experience gained by working at InnovaBio created a competitive edge when seeking employment as a research associate in a biotechnology company.

Internships are usually started in at the beginning of the semesters/terms, but they can really be started any time, dependent on availability of work for additional interns.

Our laboratory is located on the Salt Lake Community College Jordan Campus, in the Health Science building Rm 218.