Our Equipment

Equipment available:

DNA Sequencer3130xl Genetic Analyzer DNA Sequencer - The Applied Biosystems 3130 Genetic Analyzer is more than just a DNA sequencer. You can run a wide variety of sequencing and fragment analysis applications including microsatellite analysis, AFLP, LOH, SNP validation, and SNP screening as well as de novo sequencing and resequencing (mutational profiling).


Real Time PCR7500 Fast Real-Time PCR Machine - This Applied Biosystems machine is in 96-well format and the 5-colour detection system enables the use of a widerange of fluorophores. 10 dyes are calibrated as standard: FAM, SYBR Green I, VIC, JOE, NED, TAMRA, Cy3, ROX, Texas Red, and Cy5. Alternative dyes can be calibrated if required.

Biomek 3000Biomek 3000 Automation Workstation - This system is capable of both DNA purification and plasmid purification. By integrating all aspects of liquid handling into a single, automated system, Biomek 3000 delivers unparalleled flexibility, expandability and performance.




HPLCHPLC 1100 Series w/ DAD - The Agilent 1100 series is the arguably the best design in the industry because of the optimized design of the  quaternary pump ensuring virtually pulse-free and stable solvent flow. The two lamps ensure the highest light output from 190 to 950nm, for the lowest detection limits over the entire wavelength range. 

FPLCAKTA FPLC w/ Fraction Collector - The AKTA FPLC sets a new standard in protein purification. The system pump doubles the flow rate to 20 ml/min for fast separations using modern media. The High-performance Monitor measures UV and temperature compensated conductivity and pH in a single instrument.




BioFlo 110New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo 110 Bioreactor - This is a modular, benchtop fermentor/bioreactor system, specifically designed for simple, intuitive operation, with the power and versatility to meet the ever-changing needs of busy research labs.

SpotBot 3SpotBot 3 Microarrayer - Arrayit offers the world's most widely used personal microarrayer, desktop microarray printing, utilizing advanced micro-robotics to ensure accuracy, ease-of-operation and affordability. SpotBot® 3 prints 1,000 samples onto 14 substrates in duplicate in 2 hours using 4 of Arrayit's patented 946 Micro Spotting Pins. SpotBot® 3 is the perfect compliment to any microarray core facility and the ideal personal microarrayer for research and R&D.

Biosafety HoodClass II Biosafety Cabinets - Purifier Logic Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets provide personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous particulates such as agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment. Other appropriate applications include work with antineoplastic drugs, genetic material, carcinogens, allergens and additional substances that generate hazardous airborne particulates.


BioTek Synergy 2BioTek Synergy 2 - The Synergy 2 is BioTek's high-performance multi-mode plate reader designed for the life science research and drug discovery markets. Its fluorescence detection system uses deep blocking filters and dichroic mirrors for the best level of performance in research and screening applications. The dedicated absorbance detection system is monochromator-based, providing the best level of flexibility in this read mode. And, by utilizing dedicated optical elements for each individual detection technique, Synergy 2 offers uncompromised performance and the lowest limits of detection.


BioTek PowerWave XS2BioTek PowerWave XS2 - The PowerWave XS2 is the newest edition to the powerful PowerWave line of products and sets a new standard for performance and value.  Never has this line-up of features been so affordably priced. Any microplate type from 6- to 384-wells is accommodated including Terasaki formats and BioTek’s patented Bio-Cell quartz vessel for standard 1 cm measurements. A variety of read modes including endpoint, kinetic and spectral scanning assays are available. Applications include ELISA, kinetic enzyme assays, nucleic acid quantitation, A260/A280 ratios, protein analysis and much more.