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The Center for Innovation promotes life-long learning and innovative thought and action through relevant, well-charted and transformational professional development for all Salt Lake Community College employees.

Deanne Arvizu, Angie Hunter, Anjali Hallett, Clint Stoker

(Deanne Arvizu, Angie Hunter, Anjali Hallett, Clint Stoker)





Anjali Hallett, Director

Anjali Hallett is the Director of the Center for Innovation and Professional Development at Salt Lake Community College where she is responsible for planning employee training and professional development activities. Prior to joining SLCC, Anjali worked for over ten years in international education for Kaplan International Centers and the University of Utah. Anjali enjoys developing partnerships which emphasize individual and organizational effectiveness. Prior to moving to Salt Lake City, Anjali worked overseas in Southeast Asia and Australia where worked as a project manager at two startup companies focused on bridging workplace training with technology. Anjali facilitated multicultural and multilingual teams where her strong interest in leadership in diverse organizations developed.

Anjali has a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Utah. She is actively engaged with two community nonprofit organizations: The Sharing Place and The English Skills Learning Center. Anjali has a large blended family that can be seen gathered together eating ethnic foods and competing over who can eat the hottest chilies.




Deanne Arvizu, Manager

Deanne Arvizu is the Professional Development Manager for the Center for Innovation at Salt Lake Community College.  Deanne began working at the College in 1994. Prior to Salt Lake Community College, Deanne taught professional development courses for high school students and adult learners for the Orange County Public School system.  She started up a new Secretarial Office Technology Program for ITT Technical Institute in Buena Park, California and taught in the program for two years.  She also taught professional development courses for The Bryman School and Computer Communications Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Deanne has a BS Degree in Women’s Studies from the University of Utah.  She is married to her surfing/skateboarding husband, and has three beautiful daughters who are very active in competitive figure skating, track and field, and acting in movies, (some of which have been in the Sundance Film Festival)!  Deanne is an avid traveler.  She’s been to all of the states in the United States except for Hawaii, and many countries outside of the U.S.  Her favorite things to do with her family are camping, hiking and nature walks, going out to eat at new restaurants, and snorkeling with the turtles in Cozumel.




Angie Hunter, Administrative Assistant I

Angie Hunter is the Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Center for innovation and Professional Development. She is responsible for managing multiple budgets, travel, scheduling meetings, etc. She comes to the center from the SLCC’s Dental Hygiene program where she worked as the Departmental Secretary for two years. Prior to working for SLCC, she worked for seven years as an assistant secretary for the Jordan School District. She also worked with Zion's First National Bank for ten years prepping Small Business Loans for sale on the secondary market. Angie is a problem solver, loves numbers and Technology. Angie is a born and raised “Brooklyn” native. She refers to herself as a "Newyorican" and speaks Spanish. When she isn’t crunching numbers in the Center for Innovation she is often seen talking to and getting to know the staff, faculty and students at SLCC. She is currently serving her third year on the SLCC Staff Association. 

Angie has a certification in finance from Barclay College in New York City. She has a wonderful husband, four children, and six grandchildren whom she dearly loves.


Clint Stoker, Specialist III

Clint graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication. He has worked as a graphic designer, marketing assistant, and test proctor at a variety of companies. Currently he coordinates and develops online learning communities and professional development resources in the Center for Innovation. He is committed to embracing new technologies to enhance professional development throughout the College. Clint is married and has two children. He enjoys writing, playing the guitar, and spending time with his family.