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The Center for Innovation utilizes an innovative set of tools, learning platforms and services to provide flexibility, convenience, and a dynamic learning environment where you can apply new skills directly in the workplace.  

udemy - The academy of you

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Udemy FAQ's

Q: I'm getting an error message when I try to log in for the first time. What should I do?
A: Try using a different browser. Udemy works best with FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Q: Can I take courses on Udemy during work hours?
A: SLCC supports employee training, even during a regular work day. It's important to talk to your supervisor about what times are best for training.

Q: Can I get Professional Development Units (PDUs) for taking training on Udemy?
A: Associate Deans can designate training to count toward PDU credits. At this time, no Udemy courses have been approved for PDU credits.

Q: Can I make a training course to publish on Udemy?
A: Yes! Contact for help on creating your own courses.

Q: Does Udemy cost money?
A: No - so long as you are taking courses in SLCC's Udemy portal at All courses are free. If you are ever asked to pay at any time, contact

Q: I've seen Udemy courses outside of the SLCC portal that I really want to take but they cost money. Is there any way to get these courses added to our SLCC portal?
A: Yes, but not all courses can be added. Email the title of the course you want to add to Shane will send a request to Udemy. There is no promise that the course will be added, but Udemy has added dozens of courses due to our suggestions.


We are pleased to announce the new online training platform for all SLCC employees.

Udemy is a platform with hundreds of training courses on a variety of subjects including Communication, Finance, Design, Software and Systems, Leadership and Strategies, Office Productivity, Data Science, Content Management, and much more.

SLCC employees (faculty and staff) can now create, customize and deliver online training to fellow employees. This will give the College the advantage of tailored training that is available anytime, anywhere.

To gain access to Udemy, please register through MyPage.

Aimed to increase your ability to access information and on-the-job learning 24/7.