Professional Development Center

Personal Effectiveness

The Center for Innovation seeks to provide professional development training opportunities to support the personal effectiveness and wellbeing of all members of our campus community.  The programs offered in this category assist with tools and strategies related to caregiving skills, work/life navigation, and promoting more effective relationships in the workplace. 

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Exploring YourStrengths

This is an introductory workshop for all SLCC employees to learn about their personal talents and how talents become strengths. In this highly interactive session, individuals will explore their top five talents and learn ways to develop and apply these talents in their work at the College and beyond. Participants will be notified, and given instructions after they register, regarding the completion of the StrengthsQuest Assessment prior to attending the workshop.

Come learn...

• How to identify talents.

• How to turn talents into strengths.

• How to utilize talents in the workplace. 

• How building on talents increases personal well-being and career satisfaction.

Strengths In Your Career

This workshop is for employees who have taken the StrengthsQuest or StrengthsFinder assessment and attended a Strengths presentation. We would prefer that individuals have gone through the Exploring Your Strengths Workshop, but that is not required.

The following will be covered:

•             How to utilize your talents in your chosen career path.

•             How to recognize the talents of others and work better with them.

•             How to understand when you are operating in the balcony and basement of your talents.

You must have taken your StrengthsQuest assessment to find out your top five talents before registering for this workshop.

Aimed to increase your personal effectiveness, wellness & productivity in the workplace