Evaluations Spring 2019

Effective March 11 through April 5, instructors can customize your end-of-term course evaluations by selecting additional questions for inclusion in your Spring 2019 Course Evaluations which will be available to students from April 8 - May 10.
This is not a requirement and choosing not to select additional questions simply results in your students seeing the general set of questions at the end of term. However, you may feel the generic evaluation doesn't capture a unique element of a particular class, such as a teaching method or specific approach that plays an important role in that class.
Selecting additional, specific questions for a course may allow you to provide a quantitative indicator of something that you feel is not captured by questions in the standard set available to each student taking Spring classes.
The selection of these questions applies only to traditional credit-based courses. Distance classes and SAT courses have surveys with standard question sets and don't have this selection feature at this time.
To add any of the available additional questions:
  • Log onto MyPage.
  • Click on the Faculty tab.
  • Click on the Course Evaluation link on this page (typically on the right of the screen in a box called Course Evaluations).
  • Select Spring term.
  • Click Select Questions for this term.
  • View a list of the sections you teach.
  • Click on one of the courses.
  • Check the box next to the questions you wish to ask your students.
  • You may select up to 10 questions.
  • You can also deselect by unchecking an already selected box.
  • Click "Submit" at the bottom of the question list. This will save your choices.
  • You may now select another section from your list or exit the Question Selection section.
  • The system does not allow individual instructor-written questions for use in course evaluations.
  • Your questions do not roll over automatically. You can select the previous semester to see what questions you chose and choose those questions again.
Spring 2019 Course Evaluations will be available to students from March 11 - April 5. To encourage student participation, students who complete a course evaluation will be able to see that course's grade as soon as the instructor enters Final Grades online (rather than waiting until the May 8 official Grade Release).