Institutional Marketing and Communications


Contact CenterHorizontal Rule

The Contact Center is a first point of contact for most SLCC students offering an information resource 24/7 by telephone, email and a questions/answers database called Ask SLCC.

Administration Horizontal Rule

Oversees strategic planning and implementation of College-wide marketing, branding, and communications efforts, including: integrated awareness and lead-generated advertising campaigns, public and media relations campaigns, creative services, multi-media productions, social media and the SLCC website.

Kent Frogley Kent Frogley
Assistant VP, Institutional Marketing and Communications
Office: AAB 111H
Phone: 801-957-5094
Lisa Greenhalgh picture Lisa Greenhalgh
Administrative Assistant

Office: IM&C Front Desk
Phone: 801-957-4796

Public Relations Horizontal Rule

The public relations department handles all aspects of the College’s internal and external public relations including media relations and strategic planning. The department also develops crisis communications plans.

The Public Relations Director is the official spokesperson for the College. 

Joy Tlou Joy Tlou
Public Relations Director

Office: AAB 111J
Phone: 801-957-5099

Gavin McCallister

Stephen Speckman
Office: AAB 111A
Phone: 801-957-5076

Creative Services Horizontal Rule

Creative Services maintains professional graphic design and brand identity standards, including graphic design, videography and photography support for institutional promotion and events.

Our creative staff provides start-to-finish graphic design, downloadable branded templates for Word and PowerPoint projects, photography, video services, consulting and approval of departmental designs.

Sharlee Smith Sharlee Smith
Creative Services

Office: AAB 111D
Phone: 801-957-4777

Scott Fineshriber Scott Fineshriber
Creative Services Coordinator

Office: AAB 111C
Phone: 801-957-4488

Carol Acevedo Carol Ross
Creative Services Coordinator

Office: AAB 111D
Phone: 801-957-3804

Interactive Services Horizontal Rule

Responsible for (external) and MyPage (intranet) website design, maintenance, accessibility and metrics analysis. The team also provides training and technical support for CMS users.

The Social Media Coordinator creates the College's social media strategy, manages the social media pages, and helps the College progress in the latest digital technologies. 

Video services include all aspects of post-production videography, audio, effects generation and graphic support for presentation/video media.

Sarah Reale Sarah Reale
Assistant Director of Digital Marketing 

Office: AAB 111L
Phone: 801-957-4154

Sarah Reale Ellen Donovan
Web Designer & Web Developer

Office: AAB 111G
Phone: 801-957-4655

Svetlana O’Meara Svetlana O’Meara
Office: AAB 111K
Phone: 801-957-4586
Davis Troester

David Troester
Web Writer
Office: AAB 111A
Phone 801-957-4443

Account ManagersHorizontal Rule

The marketing staff are responsible for account coordination using all marketing and public relations channels and mediums for schools and programs across the College. They serve as the single point of contact for College administrators, faculty and staff who use the Institutional Marketing & Communications department to deliver strategic messaging and promotion of activities to specific and broad audiences.

Jan Coleman Jan A. Coleman
Marketing Manager

Office: AAB 111F
Phone: 801-957-5064

Dave Jones Dave Jones
Marketing Manager

Office: AAB 111B
Phone: 801-957-4509

Quinn Smith Quinn Smith
Marketing Manager

Office: AAB 101R
Phone: 801-957-5089

Enrique Soto Enrique Soto
Marketing Manager
Office: AAB 101S
Phone: 801-957-4710
Tyler Hall Tyler Hall
Contact Center Director
Office: CT-124
Phone: 801-957-5068