Institutional Research

The Institutional Research Department (IR) provides quantitative and qualitative data support to facilitate college decision-making, planning, assessment, and coordinates college-wide strategic planning efforts.  The department supports faculty, administration and staff efforts to document and improve student learning and institutional effectiveness.  The department provides reports in compliance with state and federal data requirements.

Our Mission is Fulfilled Through:

  • Providing support and information on research methodology, survey design and the reliability/validity of survey instruments.
  • Developing and maintaining information resources that support the regular and ad hoc research needs of faculty, administration and staff.
  • Conducting and developing surveys to support faculty and course evaluation.
  • Supporting the development of the college-wide strategic plan and reporting of institutional outcomes.
  • Supporting the process of assessment in administrative, student support and academic programs.
  • Collecting necessary data and completing timely and accurate reports mandated by federal, state and local agencies.
Contact Us
Jeff Webb
Director of Institutional Research and Reporting
Office 355Q AAB
Taylorsville Redwood