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International Alumni

SLCC International Alumni Stories

Se Jin Park

sejin park My name is Se Jin Park and I am an International Student from South Korea studying Computer Science in the Business Department. When I studied at the University of Utah, start up businesses were booming and I was planning for my own business. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, I set up a mobile app company, and ran my own business for a year. While running the business, I decided to pursue a Masters of Science in Computer Science, since technology was evolving so quickly and my business was directly related to it. I felt that having a degree in Economics, plus my personal business experience, in addition to a graduate degree in Computer Science, would give me the best chances of having a successful business in the future. I applied to SLCC to build my Computer Science foundation. While taking classes here, I learned the department offered classes in mobile application and database programming that other universities do not offer; although, these classes are not necessary for a Master’s in Computer Science, I felt they would be very helpful for my future business. Learning at SLCC has been a meaningful experience to me. I’ve learned a great deal from amazing professors and with their dedicated work, I can successfully graduate from the SLCC.

Andrea Alvarado

andrea alvarado Hi! I’m Andrea Alvarado from Guatemala City. I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Salt Lake Community College in Spring 2017. The experience of studying in another country has helped me to develop skills such as understanding new cultures (while taking classes with people from other countries), working in groups, and building relationships with teachers who have helped me develop in the business environment. I also had the experience of working at the International Student Affairs Office as the Admissions Specialist for 2 and a half years. This experience gave me the opportunity to learn how education in the US works and also how to help those students planning to attend SLCC in the future. This experience also helped me in my career as a businesswoman by learning how to follow processes and work with important documents as well as working with deadlines in order to have all ready for the future students to attend SLCC. I received a Diploma from the 2016- All-USA Community College Academic Team as a recognition of scholarly achievements and leaderships accomplishments. I am grateful for the help I received from my family and sponsor who supported me in my goal to continue my education in the United States. Now I am ready to continue with the second goal by transferring to a 4 year university and obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with Emphasis in Global Supply Chain.

Joaquin Fischer

joaquin fischer I came from Chile seeking good snow. After my second trip, I heard about SLCC and I decided that I was going to give it a chance. The first couple months were really hard due to the language barrier but after the first semester, I was able to adapt and learn the language really well. My experience in SLCC has been nothing more than good times. Thanks to the marketing program and teachers I was able to get an internship at Brighton Resort this season where I put in practice everything I learned at SLCC. In the future, I will get into the ski and snowboard marketing industry since that is what I’m passionate about.

Mechack Kainda

mechack kainda My first impression of Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) was how diverse the institution is. SLCC welcomes students from various cultural backgrounds and it’s where I was exposed to different ethnic and cultural groups. Salt Lake Community College has not only prepared me for my career, but it also prepared me for life outside of my career with skills such as written and oral communication, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and the list goes on. I never thought of myself getting into a Business major, but during my first year I blossomed in it because I come from a family that has run a business for long time. Salt Lake Community College has shaped my understanding of college and preparation for the future in many ways. For example, several of my classes have tied into real world examples which impressed me a lot. Lastly, Salt Lake Community College’s faculty, staff, facilities, and resources have directly resulted in who I am today.

Ludovica Giusti

Ludovica Giusti My name is Ludovica Giusti and I am an international student at Salt Lake Community College, but most importantly I am a Bruin! I am originally from Italy and I moved to the United States three years ago seeking a higher education. My experience at SLCC is growing semester after semester as I observe closely what it takes for me to be successful in this country and in the College itself. I have come to the conclusion that pursuing what you are most passionate about is the one and only key that unlocks the door of success and lets you start walking the path to your finish line. I have fought for my interests and dreams as a student and leader and finally uphold the position of student senator for all students at SLCC. I am the one who will actively seek out their problems but most importantly their solutions, to ultimately create a “better college experience as a whole”-Senate Mission Statement. I want to show how successful an education can make you. I will forever cherish how SLCC turned me into one successful student.

Carlos Moreno, Former SLCC Student Body President

Carlos Moreno Carlos Alejandro Moreno was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He grew up in a beautiful family who taught him the value of hard work. He is a former missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints having served in Barcelona - Venezuela from 2001 to 2003. After his mission he started work for a national insurance company in Venezuela becoming the youngest branch manager in the company. He is a lawyer who graduated from Universidad Rafael Urdaneta in Maracaibo and specialized in labor law at the University of Zulia. He organized a non-profit organization, “The American Venezuelan Association of Utah,” whose purpose is to provide charitable services and resources that support the Venezuelan community and promote Venezuelan culture in Utah.

In 2009, Carlos decided to move to the U.S. with his wife to complete more education. They are the parents of Carlos Isaias. Carlos plans to finish two associate’s degrees in Political Science and Government and Homeland Security Emergency Management at SLCC, then a Master’s degree in Public Administration. After completing his academic goals, he plans to return to Venezuela to start a political career. Carlos was elected Student Body President for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Carlos' favorite quote is: “It's not possible that the problems of this world be resolved by the pessimists and skeptics whose horizons are guided by the obvious realities. We need men and women who think of things that have never been thought of and who dream of things that have never been dreamed of, and who ask, "Why not?" (Spencer W. Kimball)

Raushan Gultekin

Raushan Gultekin Raushan Gultekin came to Salt Lake Community College from Lund, Sweden. Gultekin helped lead the Bruins to consecutive SWAC titles and two NJCAA National Tournament appearances during her two years with SLCC. This year, Rau led the Bruins in assists with 145 and steal with 98, averaging 11.9 points per game. Raushan was named 1st Team All-Region and 3rd Team All-American in her final season with the Bruin. She caught the eye of many big name colleges but chose to continue her college career at the University of San Francisco.

David Godoy

David Godoy My name is David Godoy and I am from Venezuela. I’m 41 years old. I’m married and I have four children. My family is my most important responsibility. Even when my semesters are in session, I spend time with my wife and each one of my children. I have responsibilities in my church and many things to take care of. One of them is preparing academically. I studied English as a second language at the SLCC in order to prepare for my major classes. I’m studying Engineering and I’m consistent in attending classes and studying, I study and do homework even before the semester begins. I have received several awards while studying my major classes at SLCC. They are the 2013-2014 Myrtle & Earl Walker Scholarship, the Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship Award, the 2014-15 Pepsi Generation Excellence Cash Award, and the Coca Cola New Century Scholarship.

Ekaterina Kokvina

Ekaterina Kokvina My name is Ekaterina Kokvina, but here in America I usually go by Kate. I was born and raised in Russia. Ever since I can remember I have always had an interest in numbers and now I feel certain that this is something I want to do in my future career. I have always wanted to travel the world too. And since I have the best parents in the whole world, who support me in every way, I was able to come to the United States as an international student. Education has never been an option in my family, and I knew I had to be the best and “repay” my parents by making them proud. Salt Lake Community College has definitely helped me in doing so. Studying here has led me to many opportunities, it has given me lifelong friends and the most valuable experiences a student could hope for. I was able to double major (AA Business, AAS Small Business Management) and graduate with a 3.93 GPA. I was super proud to be on the President’s Honor List every semester and receive “Outstanding Business Student of 2014” and “Pride in Academics” Awards. I made good friends with smart and talented young people from all over the world in SLCC International Club. Today, there is no doubt in my mind SLCC has shaped who I have become and lead me down my current path

Angela Maria Pecsi Araujo

Angela Araujo My name is Angela Maria Pecsi Araujo. I was a former international student from Venezuela, starting in Salt Lake Community College in the Fall of 2013 with a major in Aviation/Aerospace Technology. I then transferred to Utah State University when I finished my Spring semester 2015 to continue my studies. I can compare both educational institutions and tell they are quite different in certain aspects; to begin with, SLCC was my first step before I took another Step Ahead. This College had blessed me with many opportunities which I consider now as special memories I keep with me. The place, along with its variety of campuses where I used to attend my classes and work, allow a wide diversity of friends, teachers, staff, and guests to share their knowledge in the institution; these, and plenty of the feelings I had during this stage of my youth in the College transformed into a fascinating part of my life: learning to overcome obstacles in my path, getting more involved in different events and cultures, understanding the world, as well. I feel proud to say in either my regular and educational life that I studied in Salt Lake Community College, and will always be inspired to show people my past institution. It means an experience that contributed to adapt me better to a new living style, in the United States, and adventuring the world without fears in the lead!