Legislative Session 2015

SLCC Legislative Priorities

1. Compensation: . . . . . . . . . $ 3,175,000.00

Qualified faculty and staff are key to training college graduates who are the supply chain in today’s knowledge economy. SLCC and Utah’s other colleges and universities compete in an intensely competitive national talent market making compensation a top priority to hire and maintain the best talent for our students. SLCC requests the following:

  • Salary & Salary Driven Benefits: $1,987,200
  • Health & Dental Insurance: $998,100
  • State Retirement: $189,700

2. Acute Equity: . . . . . . . . . . $ 21,714,900

During the 2011 legislative session, SB97 established Mission-Based Funding. Part of that bill requires the USHE to "recommend ways to address funding any inequities for institutions as compared to institutions with similar missions." To aid in accomplishing this objective, the USHE commissioned the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) to conduct a study. NCHEMS analyzed institutional funding equity by comparing funding levels per FTE student at each Utah institution with the levels of their peers and other institutions. NCHEMS developed a funding model that sets a target percentage of an institutional budget to be funded by state tax funds.

The target is based on national funding trends by institutional type (Research Institution, Regional University/College, and Community College). The model then factors in the difference between the targeted and actual state funding percentages and the full time equivalent enrollments of the institutions to allocate an increase in state tax funds appropriations among the institutions to promote equity.

Equity Funding Target % Current % Percentage Gap
Salt Lake Community College 70.00% 53.00% 17.00%

3. Distinctive Mission: Student Advising Pathway
    $ 1,168,800

This project will enhance student completion across SLCC campuses by including more intentional advising opportunities for students throughout their SLCC experience beginning with the college transition through completion. The student experience will be enhanced through advising at entrance, throughout a student’s first year, at major declaration and program entry, and at completion (whether that be transition into the work force or transfer to a four-year college).

4. Student Access Support and Completion
    $ 3,400,000

Salt Lake Community College is committed to its mission as a comprehensive community college and provides access to quality higher education and lifelong learning opportunities. SLCC is requesting an additional infusion of state tax funds beyond the USHE system budget request to help students not only access to higher education and training opportunities, but help to ensure success and completion of their educational goals, certification, and associate’s degrees. SLCC will use these funds to create additional sections of gateway and high demand general education courses (including college math, English, chemistry, biology, and key health science courses), enhance and expand career and technical education training programs to prepare students for entry to or advancement in the workforce, and provide the necessary advising and student support services to ensure clear pathways and timely goal completion beginning with admission through graduation.

SLCC 2013 Legislative Priorities