Marketing Management

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Division of Management, Marketing, and Paralegal Studies 

Associate Dean:  Barbie Willett, MBA, MEd
Campus: Taylorsville Redwood
Office:  Business Building 109

Administrative Assistant:  Missy Counter
Phone:  (801) 957-4470
Office:  Business Building 109

Secretary:  Jon Pratt 
Phone: (801) 957-4483
Office: Business Building 109

Academic Advisor: Lee Martinez
Appointments: (801) 957-4978 or 957-4990
Phone: (801) 957-4323
Campus:  Taylorsville Redwood
Office: Business Building 132A
Business AS and AA Transfer Degrees
Business Management
Computer Sciences & Information Systems
Finance and Credit
Marketing Management

Division Office:
Management and Marketing
Business Building 109
Redwood/Taylorsville Campus
(801) 957-4483 or 957-4470