Strategic Priorities


As part of an overall integrated approach to planning for all aspects of the institution, the Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan establishes a series of specific goals closely tied to the five strategic priorities of the College. The strategic priorities listed below are specific to this Master Plan. Click here to view the SLCC strategic priorities.

Strategic Priority 1: Enhance Quality Higher Education

Academic Achievement: College facilities will provide comprehensive support and flexibility to students in attaining their educational goals. In support of this goal, the College shall:

  • Provide flexible, high-tech instructional spaces of varying sizes
  • Focus resources on support services for students and faculty
  • Provide testing and assessment spaces for non-traditional students
  • Develop and maintain a positive image to attract students, faculty and staff by creating attractive campus environments
  • Provide usable indoor and outdoor learning environments
  • Create formal and informal study environments within existing and new buildings
  • Provide space for distance education content preparation and distribution

Strategic Priority 2: Improve Student Access and Success

Community Access: The physical growth of the College will respond to the changing regional infrastructure and population distribution and encourage participation with user friendly facilities. In support of this goal, the College shall:

  • Develop easily accessible mass transit and alternative transit connections, including centralized on-campus transit hubs, inter-campus shuttles, bicycle racks and scooter parking
  • Provide childcare on campus with flexible drop-in hours
  • Make each campus easily identifiable and accessible with:
    • Clear and consistent street and building signage
    • Friendly and lively building aesthetics
    • Building use and activities visible and on display
    • Easily identifiable building entries

Campus Engagement: The College will foster opportunities for students to engage one another in athletic, recreational, cultural, social, political and professional activities. In support of this goal, the College shall:

  • Provide student gathering spaces with abundant power and data access
  • Provide athletic and recreational facilities
  • Create assembly spaces for events, graduations and student activities
  • Increase space for health and wellness services
  • Provide affordable on-campus food service

College Identity/Character: The physical environment of the College will reinforce a strong sense of campus community, character and values. In support of this goal, the College shall:

  • Create defined campus entrances to reinforce a sense of arrival
  • Create usable, safe and pedestrian-scaled outdoor spaces to promote social interaction through:
    • Appropriate outdoor accessories, including seating, trees, lighting, refuse containers, drinking fountains and art
    • Consistent landscape themes and views to the larger natural environment
  • Develop a campus image reflective of the institution and the surrounding community through:
    • Natural materials with a timeless quality
    • Elements supportive of an image of a modern, high quality, social campus
    • Develop campus edges that respect the scale of neighboring communities

Strategic Priority 3: Advance a Culture of Evidence and Accountability

Sustainability: The College will serve as a positive model of environmental stewardship through its operations and continued development of physical facilities. In support of this goal, the College shall:

  • Create and maintain energy-efficient campus with:
    • On-campus energy generation
    • Recycling and composting areas
    • High performance building skins
    • Appropriate solar orientation
    • Daylighting of interior spaces
    • Low VOC finishes for healthy indoor environments
    • Buildings designed as educational tools
  • Promote water efficiency and strong connection to natural ecology through:
    • Xeriscaping of campus grounds
    • Use of water from on-campus wells and canals
    • Use of native and regionally appropriate plants and materials

Strategic Priority 4: Strengthen Institutional Support

Facilities Utilization: The College will be efficient in its development and use of both existing and new facilities. In support of this goal, the College shall:

  • Infill and renovate existing sites before developing new sites
  • Provide flexible building layouts for long-term adaptability with
    • Informal as well as formal learning spaces
    • Circulation areas incorporating seating, gathering and display

Strategic Priority 5: Advance Partnerships/Relationships with Business, Industry and the Community

Business Partnerships: The College will build strong connections with local businesses and provide facilities support for on- and off-campus learning programs. In support of this goal, the College shall:

  • Support contract training on and off campus
  • Invest in flexible classroom, lab + office space for entrepreneurial joint ventures
  • Develop rentable space for revenue generation
  • Develop new facilities near strategic partners