Schematic Landscape Master Plan


Schematic Landscape Master Plans have been developed for each individual campus, reflecting the unique needs, uses and attributes within the common philosophical underpinnings and design approaches for the overall SLCC campus system. The Schematic Landscape Master Plans address areas requiring improvements and enhancements, in addition to expansion beyond existing campus limits in order to accommodate future growth and development.

The five Schematic Landscape Master Plans which follow illustrate key landscape concepts and ideas, organizing each campus into logical landscape zones and spaces, including pedestrian areas and walkways, vehicular parking and circulation zones, hardscape and softscape areas, vegetation zones, major trees and shrub areas, entry zones, transit areas, specialty landscape features and other landscape treatments.

The Schematic Landscape Master Plans address the outdoor setting as an opportunity to enhance the "sense of place" of each campus within a comprehensive SLCC landscape framework. The result is five unique plans, each of which are sustainable, regionally-appropriate and integrated into the educational/research role of the college system.

The Schematic Landscape Master Plans begin with a summary of existing conditions and corresponding implications, followed by a description of the overall campus landscape concept and sustainable planning-level landscape master plan concepts, and conclude with a set of general principles and goals that will apply to the treatment of all facility landscapes.

To view each campus' landscape development map, click on a link below: