Taylorsville Redwood Utility Summary


The Taylorsville Redwood Campus is located at 4600 S and Redwood Rd. This campus serves approximately 7,200 full-time students, and has plans to add another 1,500 students. The campus currently contains 12 buildings, with plans to construct additions and restorations to a number of buildings. The campus also consists of over 100 acres, 35 of these acres are vegetated.

Water System

The Redwood campus is fed by two main water lines. The west end is fed by an 8" line that comes off of 2200 west, and the east side of campus is fed with an 8" line from Redwood Rd. In order to evaluate the capacity of the existing water system, we assumed a flow of 5ft/s for each line. We also assumed the water would be required to serve 9,038 people, which consists of existing students and the additional proposed students. We used Division of Drinking Water standards, and estimated a peak day demand of 25gpd for each person on campus. We also analyzed fireflow volumes and used 1,500 gpm as a required minimum. The campus contains a secondary water system that waters the majority of the 35 acres of open space. In conversations with SLCC staff we were told that 10% of the open space was being watered by the culinary system. In our calculations, we show culinary water being used for 3.5 acres of open space. We found, based on our assumptions, that the existing capacity exceeds current demand. We also estimate that the existing water capacity is sufficient for the proposed additional 1,500 students.

Sewer System

The sanitary sewer system contains three connections to sewer mains. There is a 10" connection at 2200 West and two 8" connections at Redwood Rd. We assumed that 100% of the culinary water used by faculty and staff would return to the sanitary sewer system. We assumed that the existing lines were installed at a minimum slope, and we assumed that these lines were running 80% full. Based on these assumptions, the Taylorsville Redwood campus has adequate sewer service for existing and proposed conditions.

Irrigation System

We estimated that the Taylorsville Redwood campus contains approximately 35 acres of vegetated land. The Taylorsville Redwood campus has recently installed a secondary water irrigation system that waters 95% of the open space. Through conversations with staff, the systems appear to adequately facilitate watering demands. The demand for secondary water would actually be reduced if the new buildings and additions are constructed. Analyzing irrigation pipe sizes and requirements for the different landscaped areas of campus is beyond our scope.

Other Notes/Action Items

The evaluations made were based on the assumption that the interior piping systems for the water, sewer and irrigation lines are working properly. Various assumptions were made for each utility analyzed, and further design would require a significant amount of additional analysis. The information used came from: Division of Drinking Water, Facility Condition Analysis, SLCC website and AJC Architects.