Developmental Math

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire CPM curriculum is mastery based. Each module has a pretest. If the student does well enough on the pretest they move on to the next module.

Instructors and tutors will provide classroom support, lab support, as well as various other forms of help.

In addition to about four hours a week attending the scheduled class, it is recommended each student work a number of hours each week outside of class in either the Dumke Center for Steam Learning, the Learning Center or at home.

Not in the lab, nor in the classroom, nor for tests. Tests are proctored in the CPM lab or classroom. They may however use their own machines on the homework at any other time. (iPads and smart phones generally do not support the necessary software and therefore won't work.)

Tests are timed, and some assignments may be as well. These times may be adjusted on a student-by-student basis to match accommodations as directed by the DRC. A low distraction environment for both instruction and testing is available.