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Developmental Math

Frequently Asked Questions

Which course does MATH 0001 replace?
These courses do not replace any one specific course. Instead the CPM modules cover all the material usually covered in the ENTIRE Math 900, Math 920, Math 950, Math 990 program. Note that the CPM material is NOT presented in the same order nor in the same manner as the traditional sequence (for example testing into Math 0950 does NOT mean testing into Math 0002). Everyone starts in Math 0001 with module 1. Students who know more can move through the material more rapidly, or test out of it completely.
What's a module?
CPM divides the developmental mathematics material into 12 modules. Once all 12 modules are completed or "tested out of" the student can register for Math 1010 the next semester.
Does the student have to complete all 12 modules in one term?
No. The student must complete 4 or more modules to pass Math 0001. If a MATH 0001 student has not completed all 12 modules he/she needs to register for MATH 0002, and would pick up where he/she left off. When the MATH 0002 student completes 8 or more modules, but not all 12, they would sign up for MATH 0003 and pick up where they left off. As soon as a student completes all 12 modules they may register for Math 1010 the next semester.
What do you mean, "test out of"?
The entire CPM curriculum is mastery based. Each module has a pretest. If the student does well enough on the pretest they move on to the next module.
If the course is on the computer, where do students get help?
Instructors and tutors will provide classroom support, lab support, as well as various other forms of help.
How many hours per week will a student be expected to work on math?
Attending the scheduled class, about four hours a week and each student is recommended to work a number of hours each week outside of class, either in the lab or at home. A student can work more hours and progress further/faster and finish all twelve modules as soon as they are able.
Can the students use their own computers?
Not in the lab, nor in the classroom, nor for tests. Tests are proctored in the CPM lab or classroom. They may however use their own machines on the homework at any other time. (iPads and smart phones generally do not support the necessary software and therefore won't work.)
What kind of students does this new method fit?
Any student who wants to proceed at their own pace faster or slower.
What testing level is appropriate for placement in MATH 0001?
Any student who does not test into Math 1010 or higher is eligible for MATH 0001. A student who places into Math 1010 but wishes to review may also take Math 0001 for credit or audit.
What is the final exam like for MATH 0001?
There is no comprehensive final for MATH 0001, 0002, or 0003. However, students will need to complete a comprehensive final assessment after finishing the final module (module 12).
What about the special needs student? Are the tests timed? Is there low distraction environment available for testing?
Both tests and many assignments are timed. These times will be adjusted on a student-by-student basis to match the DRC accommodations. A low distraction environment for both instruction and testing is available.

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