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Is SLCC's New Math 0001 Right for You?

  • Are you going to take Math 0900, 0920, 0950 or 0990?
  • Do you feel comfortable working in a computer based learning environment?
  • Can you work independently?
  • Would you like the flexibility to work ahead and finish your class early?
  • Or possibly work through more than one class worth of material in a single semester thus saving time and money?

College Preparatory Mathematics, CPM: Math 0001, Math 0002 and Math 0003

Each course is 4 credits and pass/fail. Math 0001 has the prerequisite/co-requisite of LE 1020 Essentials of College Study. None of the CPM courses require a traditional textbook however, each student will pay a fee for a "course code" at the beginning of MATH 0001. This code is good for 18 months and covers the software the student uses. The completion of CPM curriculum (12 modules) will provide the students with the prerequisite for MATH 1010.