Math Placement

Proper placement in a math class has been shown to help students be successful in their Math class and is linked to completing your college degree or certificate. Students must show proficiency in the prerequisite skills that are required for each course.

There are two ways to qualify for a math class: placement tools or success in a pre-requisite math class.

An Accuplacer (CPT) or ACT score can be used as a placement tool. These tools are used to help place and are not considered a pass/fail exam. An Accuplacer Placement Test is given to new matriculating students or to students that have not taken any math classes in the past year. An ACT test is typically taken during a student’s junior year in high school and can be used for placement if the test score is less than 18 months old. The assessment tools are only used to place students in courses up to and including Calculus I (Math 1210). If you believe you qualify for a mathematics course above the level of Math 1210, please see the Mathematics Department Program Advisor for assistance in placement.

Students may also qualify for a course by earning a C or better in a pre-requisite course. The classes and pre-requisites must be completed within one year of taking the course; otherwise students must place into the course via the Accuplacer placement tool.

The Math Department does not do transcript reviews independent of the Transfer Evaluation Office (

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