Math Placement

The Accuplacer (CPT) is given to all new students or to students that have not taken any math classes in the past year. Students must show proficiency in the prerequisite skills that are required for each course. ACT scores are also used for initial placement.  Students must earn a C or better to take a subsequent course.  The classes and pre-requisites must be completed within one year of taking the course; otherwise students must place into the course via the CPT.

Students with an Elementary Algebra score between 54 and 89 or a College Level Math score below 42 are able to register for Math 1010 (Intermediate Algebra.)  Students with a College Level Math score between 43 and 89 are able to register for Math 1050, Math 1030, Math 1040, or Math 1090 (one of the Quantitative Literacy core courses.)  Students that score higher then 90 on the College Level Math section may register for Math 1210 (Calculus I.)

The assessment test is only used to place students in courses up to and including Calculus I (Math 1210). If you believe you qualify for a mathematics course above the level of Math 1210, please see the Mathematics Department Chair for advisement.

Students with an ACT score between 18 and 22 may register for Math 1010.  Those with at least an ACT score of 23 may register for Math 1050 (or General Education equivalent).   Higher ACT scores will require CPT for more accurate placement.

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The Math Department does not do transcript reviews independent of the Transfer Evaluation Office ( .  We require all students to go through proper channels.  We are happy to intervene or answer questions at the ITO's request, or to provide overrides if questions remain after the student's work has gone through proper channels.  It is understood that this may result in delays in registration but that is regrettably unavoidable.