Tips for Success in Mathematics

  • Read and understand your course syllabi. Know deadline dates (last day to withdraw and other important college dates.) Also know the tentative dates for each in class exam and the date of the final exam. The daytime sections of math 1010 and math 1050 give unified departmental finals usually at 3:00 PM.
  • Keep up with the material. The new material in math courses usually build on previous sections, so falling behind will put you at a disadvantage
  • Be sure to read the section prior to coming to class. You may have to read the section more than once. Try to work some of the problems before they are covered in class.
  • Attend class every day and be sure to take complete notes. Do not expect tutoring or the Learning Center to be a substitute for attending class.
  • Ask questions in class! There are usually other students wanting to know the answers to the same questions.
  • Math is learned by doing! Work as many of the homework problems as possible. The problems assigned will usually help you with the formulas and techniques needed on the exams. It is also a good way to improve your problem-solving abilities. If you think you've worked enough problems to understand a concept, work one or two more just to be sure.
  • Attend the instructor's office hours. If the instructor doesn't have any office hours, try to get help before or after class. If not possible, use email as a way of communicating with the instructor. Let the instructor know you are sending email if you haven't received any replies.
  • When you are stuck on a concept, know how to get help and what resources are available.