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As the Independent Voice of Salt Lake Community College, The Globe Newspaper serves as a stepping stone for SLCC students looking to enter the workforce as journalists, photographers, and editors. The Globe Newspaper is an on-campus newspaper printed once weekly and reproduced in an Internet-delivered version at

Because The Globe is a student-produced newspaper, every edition is created, written and published by students. Reporters, movie reviewers, contributing writers, photographers, and editors all combine their skills together to provide the best student newspaper possible. This newspaper is an independent platform for students to freely express their views on a wide range of issues.

The Globe Newspaper:
 • Encourages the participation of all students.
 • Offers an open campus forum for student issues.
 • Respects the views and opinions of all members of the community.
 • Reaches approximately 65,000 students, staff, faculty, campus and community members.

Comm 1130 book and student notebook

Students from COMM 1130, 1140, 1610, 1620, and 1630 are the primary contributors to The Globe, although MCC student producers and students in other Communication courses are encouraged to submit work as a part of practicum. The Globe also welcomes submissions from all SLCC students.

Practicum work involving The Globe Newspaper includes:
 • Writing, submitting and revising articles,
 • Editing,
 • Layout design,
 • Photography,
 • And other duties as required.

Contact Us

Paul Kennard

Faculty Advisor
Julie Gay

Globe Office
South City Campus, 1-054
Meetings: Fridays, 10:30 a.m.

Fall 2013 Staff

Julie Hirschi

Assistant Editors
Shad Engkilterra
Rachael Folland

Online Editor
Aldo Gomez

Copy Editor
Angela Ang

Staff Writers
Carolyn Cox
Samir Monges
Aaron Quintana
Jessica Stewart
Djinni Yancey

A&E Reporter/Cartoonist
Stephen Romney

Sports Reporter
Walker Gale

Jimmie Breedlove
Lindsay Daniels
James Nguyen

Graphic Designer
James Glines

Layout Designer
Nadia Dolzhenko

Calendar Coordinator
Ceville Bailey

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