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Students in TV studio

A critical component of the Mass Communication Center is the opportunities we provide for television and video production.

Students involved with the MCC learn valuable skills in the exciting world of studio production, field production, and broadcasting.

Shows produced by students specialize in the news ("Insight", "Express News"), sports ("End of the Bench"), and entertainment ("What's Bruin'") genres. Every crew position is offered as practicum work to students taking COMM 2200 (Beginning Video Production) and COMM 2310 (Intermediate Video Production - News).

Students in COMM 2510 (Advanced Video Production - Documentary) specialize in documentary film projects from initial conception, through the production process, and product distribution.

Through MCC-TV, students get hands on practicum experience:

 • Shoot on locations on campus and around the valley with state-of-the-art high-definition cameras.
 • Edit using the latest computer systems, editing programs and technologies.
 • Broadcast through cable and web distribution sources.

The shows developed through COMM 2200 and COMM 2310 are as follows:


Student anchors host "Insight" live from the MCC-TV Studio. This long-format news program features student-produced campus and community news.

Email the show:
Follow along on Twitter: @mccInsight
Watch recent episodes: Insight

"Express News"

"Express News" is short format news for students on the go–get your campus news in just five minutes.

Email the show:
Follow along on Twitter: @mccExpressNews
Watch recent episodes: Express News

"End of the Bench"

"End of the Bench" is MCC-TV's all sports show, and keeps you up to date with the inside scoop on SLCC Athletics.

Email the show:
Follow along on Twitter: @mccEotB
Watch recent episodes: End of the Bench

"What's Bruin'"

"What's Bruin'" is the Mass Communication Center's student-driven pop culture variety show.

Email the show:
Follow along on Twitter: @mccWhatsBruin
Watch recent episodes: What's Bruin'

Contact Us

Lab Aide (Equipment Checkout)
Kachina Choate & Brook Cummings
South City Campus, 1-083
Hours of Availability

Edit Bay Access
South City Campus, 1-054
M-R – 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
F – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Faculty Advisor
Tyler Smith
South City Campus, 1-087A

MCC Program Manager
Alison Arndt-Wild
South City Campus, 1-087E


Aaron Quintana and Caitlyn Johnston (What's Bruin')
Michael Waters (Express News)
Jesse Valdez (End of the Bench)

Video Editors:
Chris Bylund

Edit Bay Access Personnel:
Ghazaleh Asrari
Marc Hansen
Brook Cummings-Arnold
Caitlyn Johnston

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