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The cost of resident tuition and student fees, books, course fees, uniforms, and the CMA exam is approximately $12,042.35.  Please see SLCC's Tuition and Fees table

2018-2019 Costs Prerequisites Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4

Estimated Total Cost

SLCC Tuition & Fees    $1,921.50    $1,921.50    $1,921.50    $1,921.50    $1,498.50
Student Course Fees           $10.00       $115.00         $50.00       $225.00
Books       $313.50       $589.45       $103.50       $199.50       $297.75
Total    $2,235.00    $2,520.95    $2,140.00    $2,171.00    $2,021.25   $11,088.20

The Advanced Practice Medical Assistant, AAS degree, will take 4 semesters or 64 credits to complete based on 15 credit hours per semester and credits taken less than 15 credits per semester will increase time to completion. This does not include program prerequisite courses prior to applying to the program, it requires 1 semester.

Yes. However, if the student goes part-time, they need to be aware of the sequencing of the courses. This would prevent the student from completing the program in 5 semesters.

The following MA program courses are taught online: MA 1100 Medical Terminology; MA 1300 Clinical Pharmacology; MA 1700 and MA 2700


Students may go to Admissions for information about the admission process for the MA program.
Students are admitted to the MA program every Fall, Spring, and Summer semester.
20 seats are available per cohort.
There is no wait list for the Advanced Practice Medical Assistant program.
Background check needs to be completed; immunizations started but need to be completed by the third semester. Drug Screening test will be completed during the program when notified.


Career Coach offers information on the career outlook and average pay for a Medical Assistant in Salt Lake County.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

See Financial Aid for more information on types of aid, eligibility, scholarships and tuition waivers.