MySuccess connects you to the people who can support your college goals, whether passing a class, completing a certificate or transferring to a university.

Logging in to your MySuccess profile

You can access your MySuccess profile by logging in via your MySLCC portal. Go to the Advising Tab, then scroll down to “Login to MySuccess” which is located under the “Find Your Advisor” section.


What can I do with MySuccess?

My Success Navigation, with icons for: Dashboard, Messages, My Success Network, Raise Your Hand


On your dashboard, you’ll see a summary of upcoming advising appointments, academic alerts from your instructors, your “to-dos” from your advisor, and kudos, which are basically gold stars for doing something great.


You’ll receive BruinMail messages from your SLCC instructors or advising staff through MySuccess, to let you know when you’ve done something awesome or what you can do to improve. MySuccess keeps a copy of these notes for you to revisit when you need to follow up.

My Success Network

MySuccess provides a way to identify and schedule appointments with your advisors and other members of your support team.

Raise Your Hand

“Raising your hand” in MySuccess can notify members of your support team that you need help. You’ll also get an email that lets you know about services at the college and steps to contact people who can help.

Make Appointments

All advising appointments will be scheduled using MySuccess.

If you have questions about MySuccess, contact Ashley Sokia at