Staff Resources

A successful student knows where to access resources and who they can call on for assistance. Starfish can connect students to departments and staff that fit their individual questions and needs.

Some of the features of Starfish include:

  • A scannable and searchable list of services for students
  • Online appointment scheduling for individuals or an entire service department
  • A customized student success network that allows a student to see their assigned advisors
  • Referrals for instructors or staff to direct students to another department and lets the department know why they are coming

Please introduce students to the system even if they do not have active flags. When you meet with students, pull up their Starfish SLCC profile. Show the student what they are viewing and explain that you are using the information to have a more informed, productive and focused conversation with them.

To request additional training, email

To Login to MySuccess, go to your MySLCC portal, click the “Advising” tab, then click “Login to MySuccess”.


Finding and Viewing the Student Folder

Edit Office Hours

Adding an Appointment

Accepting Appointments

Building Success Plans

Adding a Note

Add a tracking item

Add a tracking item to multiple students at once

Resolving a Tracking Item