Student Immunization Form


Clinical Forms 

Intermountain Healthcare Passport Orientation

Primary Childrens Medical Center Orientation

University of Utah Clinical Paperwork

St. Marks Medical Center Paperwork

  • Step 1: Complete - St. Marks Clinical Paperwork
    • Complete the Student Profile Form.
    • Read the Injury And Illness Handbook and complete the test. Attached is also the Injury And Illness Answer Sheet to the test.
    • Review and sign the Confidentiality And Security Agreement.
    • Provide photocopy of proof of negative PPD skin test for TB completed in past 12 months.
    • Review Dress Code Policy and agree to comply with it.
    • Review Infection Control Handout and agree to follow the guidelines.
    • Review and sign the HIPAA Fact Sheet. It is your responsibility as a student to know, understand and follow the HIPAA guidelines. It is a federal law.
    • Review and sign the Parking Policy agreement.
  • Step 2: Print and turn into SLCC Division of Nursing Office - JHS 104

Please submit all paperwork to the Nursing Division secretaries.