NSG 2900 - Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology Application Process

Pathophysiology is an open class for Summer. To register log in to your MyPage, click on your students tab, select add/drop classes. Then you will select the Summer 2015 semester, select nursing and if there are still seats available you can register for the Pathophysiology (2900) class.

  • NSG 2900 - Pathophysiology is the only Nursing class that can be taken in advance of the program.  All Nursing pre-requisites must be completed in order to take this course. 
  • The forms are not available early, they will be available the first day posted and for a limited time afterwards for late requests.  Late requests will be considered but at a lesser priority than on-time applications.
  • Please carefully read the Welcome Letter and keep the cover page for future reference.

The process of requesting a seat in this class for FALL and SPRING is to do one of the following during the dates listed below:

  • Come into our office on the Jordan Campus, Health Science Center, Room 104K to get the form, complete it, and leave it with us during the week specified OR
  • Click the link to the form located on this web page, print it out, fill it out, and fax it to:  801-957-6296,  Attn: Angie Wright OR
  • Click the link to the form located on this web page, print it out, fill it out, scan it and email to:
Summer 2015 Pathophysiology
Registration for Summer 2015 is done online through your MyPage
Fall 2015 Pathophysiology
Information for the Fall 2015 Pathophysiology course (NSG 2900) will not be available until June 2015.