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OneCard eAccounts portal is here!

You can add money to your Bruin Bucks account ONLINE from anywhere!  Visit the OneCard eAccounts portal to:

  • Check your OneCard Bruin Bucks account balance
  • Make real-time deposits
  • Deactivate/reactivate lost or found cards
  • Download and print account statements
  • Guest deposit options for family and friends

The SLCC OneCard

Is your official student ID of Salt Lake Community College and your key to campus life. PLUS it gives you instant access to all your Financial Aid and or Campus Funds in one convenient card.  Students must be registered (enrolled in classes) to obtain a OneCard.  It is a nontransferable ID card, only the card holder may present the OneCard for purchases, access, and other privileges.  If you are receiving a college refund and would like it in your pocket fast and easy, Login to authorize SLCC to put your refund on your OneCard Discover® ID card.

All SLCC OneCard and all other specialty ID cards are issued at any of our four ID center locations.  The first OneCard issued to a student is at no charge, there is a replacement fee for lost cards.  Staff/faculty cards are $10.  You will need proper photo identification, such as a driver's license, State ID, or passport to obtain a OneCard.

So What Can The OneCard Do?

This card is not only your college ID, but it is also a Discover® pre-paid debit card as well.  So what does this mean for you?  It allows you as an SLCC student to receive your refunds from the college faster than ever before!  This account makes it easy and safe for you to gain immediate and convenient access to your funds.  But that's not all, the OneCard continues to be your campus funds option as well to use at all campus retail locations for discounts and incentives, you will also continue to use your OneCard at computer labs for printing.  Finally the last thing this card can be for you, it can also be your bus pass if you choose to purchase a service with UTA!

The Money Nework® Enabled Discover® Option Advantages:
  • It is NOT a credit card, so no credit card risks
  • Use it anywhere Discover® cards are accepted
  • Manage your money online with Bill pay options
  • Get free withdrawals at any Allpoint® ATM or participating ATM on campus
  • Comes with checks that can be cashed free at any Walmart® location
  • The account can be reloaded by SLCC, you, or your parents

There is a new way to receive your refund from SLCC learn more...

Login to authorize SLCC to put your refund on your OneCard Discover® ID card.

The OneCard Bruin Bucks Option Advantages:

  • Transfer your Money Network® funds to your Bruin Bucks account fast at any self deposit machine location or ID center
  • Discounts at on campus vendors and events
  • Computer lab printing access
  • On campus promotions
  • Bookstore
  • Library
  • And more...

It is two cards in one!  For more information on how to use both mag stripes on the back of your ID card plus additional information learn more...

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Attention Students, Give SLCC your consent now to receive your refunds fast!

SLCC OneCard

ID Center / Office Locations
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Student Center Building
Information Desk 801-957-4022

South City Campus
Student Center Office
Room 1-061 801-957-3407

Jordan Campus
High Tech Center
Information Desk 801-957-2600

Miller Campus
MFEC Building Room 117A
Information Desk 801-957-5379

Campus Card Admin Office
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Student Center Building
Basement Room 021  801-957-3859