Mastercard FAQ

Important FAQs about the SLCC OneCard Mastercard Transition

You can continue to access the Money Network Account on your existing OneCard until there are no more funds remaining, but please note that refunds will no longer be placed on this Card as of January 9. There will be no change in the on-campus functionality (ability to access dorms, meal plans, etc.). You can still keep receiving ACH payments (payroll) to your Money Network/Discover account as well.

After January 9, if your OneCard is lost/stolen, you should report your card as lost/stolen immediately to Money Network Customer Service at 800-822- 4283. You should go to OneCard Services to receive a new SLCC Mastercard OneCard that will still serve as your student ID, but it will NOT give you access to your old Money Network Account. For how to get the remaining balance from your lost/stolen Money Network account, see below. You should also provide your new Mastercard account information to any provider that uses direct deposit to transfer funds to your Money Network Account (employer, student payroll office, etc.) or any company that you pay bills online with your Money Network Account.

Go online to our consent form select your Refund preference (which can be ACH/direct deposit into a separate bank account or you can sign up for the new SLCC OneCard). If you select direct deposit, you will need to print out a form and bring it to the Cashiers Office with a voided check.

You can transfer funds via ACH to your new Mastercard account on your SLCC OneCard, but you must upgrade** your Money Network® Account on your new Card by calling Money Network Customer Service at 800-822-4283 or create a new account online at Money Network site. Once that step is completed, you can obtain your new routing/account number for your prepaid MasterCard in order to transfer funds to it. The fee to transfer money out of your old Discover/ Money Network Account on the OneCard via ACH is $4.00.

** You must upgrade to reload your Account. Upgrade at no charge. Requires a one-time verification of your identity.

You can keep using your OneCard for purchases where Discover is accepted or withdrawing cash at an Allpoint or on-campus ATMs, but to withdraw all funds to the penny, you will want to either:

  • Call Money Network Customer Service at 800-822- 4283 to request Money Network® Checks or pick up an extra Check at an OneCard office. You can then follow the instructions on the back of the check to write a check to yourself and cash it for free at any Walmart location. It is suggested that you utilize this method for amounts under $5000 as most Walmarts will cash your Check for up to $5000 per check per day. Please check with your local Walmart, as some locations may have some restrictions or different policies.
  • You can use transfer your Money Network account balance to Bruin Bucks and use it everywhere Bruin Bucks is accepted on campus. Just go to eAccounts and then use your Discover number to move the funds to Bruin Bucks (or Flex/Dining Dollars).
  • You can transfer funds from your account to another account via ACH (please note there is a $4.00 fee). Follow the instructions on how to transfer money off your Account at Money Network.
  • NOTE: The Bruin Bucks account balance will automatically transfer to your New Card.