OneCard Money Network Account


The Money Network® Enabled Mastercard® and the Money Network checks offer a complete and convenient package of services you can use to access and manage your money instantly. Your funds will be deposited directly into your account once the college has awarded and processed your funds, you will then have access to your funds the next day!  Your Mastercard/Money Network OneCard is NOT a credit card but rather it is a prepaid debit card which can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and your funds are FDIC insured!  Please make sure you take some time and read through the Student Financial Account Disclosure report, the Money Network terms and conditions, and the fee schedule.

If you would like your money in your pocket as fast and easy as possible each semester then Login to authorize SLCC to put your refund on your OneCard.

My OneCard

For additional information about your new Money Network® OneCard such as important how to's, helpful links, and personal finance 101 visit our My OneCard website!


Your account must be activated in order for it to work. Please allow at least 6-12 hours after you have been issued your OneCard so your account information can be sent over before you call. At that time please call 1-800-822-4283 and follow the system's prompts, you will be asked to create a pin number, remember this number as you will need it for any purchases you wish to make with your pin (you can make transactions without your pin as well). You will need it for ATM withdrawals and to access your account when calling Customer Service.

Identity Verification

During the activation process, you will be asked for your social security number. You DO NOT have to provide this information. This is your choice. SLCC can still refund to this card even if you do not verify your identification.

Identity verification gives you more access to additional key features such as being able to reload your card from other sources (job, online deposits, parents, etc.). Identity verification involves confirming your name, birthdate, and address, it is not a credit check, it simply allows more options for you to reload additional funds onto your Money Network account.

If you choose not to verify your identity when you activate, you will always have the option to go through this process at a later time.

How to Access Your Funds

  • Make a purchase at a store that accepts Mastercard
    1. Swipe or present your card
    2. Follow the prompts
    3. Enter your 4-digit PIN or sign for the transactions
    4. Get cash back at participating stores
  • Get cash at an In-Network ATM
    1. Enter your PIN
    2. Select WITHDRAWAL from CHECKING
    3. Enter the dollar amount you want to withdraw (up to $500 a day)
    4. Take your cash and your receipt
  • Use a Money Network check
    1. Write out your check
    2. Call Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283 to get an issuer and transaction number that must be printed on the face of the check
    3. Deposit the check into your regular bank account, use it to pay a bill or cash it at a check cash location (like Walmart) which can be found by using the Money Network locator tool online or by calling Customer Service.
  • Pay bills online

Cash Reload Location

If you chose to upgrade your account where you are able to load money on it yourself and would like to reload cash onto your card, here are fast and easy cash reload options to choose from. Or you can go to any SLCC Cashier location to put cash on your Mastercard/Money Network (this option usually takes 24hrs to process). The school's Mastercard ATMs are for withdrawals only.

Manage Your Account (Money Network)

Access your account online or through the mobile app anytime for free, or by calling Customer Service 1-800-822-4283. You will need the number on the front of your card and your PIN. Some options you can do with your account are:

  • Set up alerts online to receive your account balance daily or once a week via email or text message.
  • Listen to or view your account balance and transaction details.
  • Change your PIN.
  • Request a statement (fees may apply).
  • Transfer funds from your account to a personal bank account ($2 fee).
    *There is a $2.50 charge if you call customer service and talk to a live rep just to get your balance.
    *There is NO charge to check your balance at an on-campus ATM or online!

The Money Network mobile application

Mobile PhoneMoney Network’s mobile application (available for FREE on both the iPhone and Android) will allow you to keep track of your Account like never before – students can:

  • View account balance and transaction activity
  • Locate nearby surcharge-free ATMs
  • Sign up to receive balance, deposit, and withdrawal notifications

You can download it now at either iTunes or GooglePlay.

How to Find an In-Network ATM

Free on-campus ATMs are located on the four main SLCC campuses.

  • Redwood Student Center building, 2nd level near Student Express
  • South main building near ID center
  • Jordan HTC building across from Bookstore
  • Miller CART building in food court

There is a $500 withdrawal limit.

Visit the Allpoint website for more information.

Download a mobile app for your phone

The Money Network loyalty and rewards program!

As a Money Network cardholder, all you need to do is opt-in to the Money Network Loyalty and Rewards Program to earn cash back on purchases from more than 16,000 online stores and local participating retailers.

Lost or Stolen Cards

See Lost Cards page for more information regarding what to do with your account.

Inactive Accounts

Accounts that have been inactive for a period of 13 months will start to have a service fee assessed of $3.50 a month until depleted unless you actively use your account. (You don't have to purchase anything to keep your account active, logging into your account online is considered activity.

Expiration Date

The expiration date on the face of the card only deactivates the Mastercard functionality of the card. If you do not use this side of the card, your access to events as well as access to your Bruin Bucks, Meal Plan, Uniprint accounts on the thick black magstripe will still continue to work even if the expiration date has passed.


SLCC's Blackboard Pay program contract

In accordance with the new Cash Management Rules (Jan 2018), this program is in:

  • Compliance with 34 CFR 668.164(e)(2)(vi) requiring that the contract between the institution and Blackboard is posted on the institution’s public website
  • Compliance with 34 CFR 668.164(e)(2)(vii)(A)-(B) requiring the institution to post the number of accounts, mean and median account costs, and monetary and non-monetary payments between the parties for the prior award year on the institution’s public website