Refund Disbursement Options

Receive your Financial Aid and credit balances on your OneCard!

So what are your options in receiving your refunds?

As a student you have three options available for you to receive your SLCC refunds (Financial Aid etc). You will only need to make this choice once per semester. Once you make a request, your account is reviewed for any credits. If you choose not to change the next semester, then the option chosen will stay the same.

Option 1: Money Network® Enabled Discover® OneCard Account

If you would like your money in your pocket fast and easy, Login to authorize SLCC to put your refund on your OneCard Discover® ID card.

This is the recommended and fastest method for you to receive your refund! Here are a few reasons why:

Bullet Receive your refund quicker than direct deposit or by mail

Bullet The account gives you “free and clear” access to your funds by using AllPoint ATMs, checks or the card anywhere Discover debit cards are accepted

Bullet Funds are FDIC insured

Bullet This account is not a credit card, so no credit risks, overdraft fees etc.

Bullet Account can be reloaded by the school, you, or your parents

Bullet Check balances free, and transfer funds at the Money Network web site.

Login to authorize SLCC to put your refund on your OneCard Discover® ID card.

Option 2: Direct Deposit

Your SLCC refund will be deposited into your financial institution's account.

Download the Direct Deposit form, fill it out and take it to any of our Cashier locations.

Option 3:  Check by Mail

Your SLCC refund will be processed and sent to you thru U.S. mail service.  You will need to verify your mailing address at any Cashier location.

Select Option 1 and you can start using your Discover® debit card anywhere Discover® is accepted.  You can also transfer your Money Network® funds to your Bruin Bucks account and use those funds here on campus as many of our retailers offer discounts and or incentives if you use your Bruin Bucks (campus side  black stripe)!  Learn more on how to use your OneCard.