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Salt Lake Community College, in connection with the Utah System of Higher Education Consortium, is adopting Instructure Canvas as its new learning management system. Canvas will replace Blackboard Vista as the system for hosting online learning activities and course content. All courses currently hosted in Blackboard Vista will be moved to Instructure Canvas by July 1, 2012.

This web site is devoted to keeping you updated on the migration process and introducing you to Instructure Canvas. Here you will also find resources to help you learn and use Canvas.
Blackboard to Canvas


Reason for Change
Blackboard Inc. will not support its Vista product after 2012. All schools using Blackboard Vista must move to a new system.

cancas screen captureWhy Instructure Canvas?
In a lengthy evaluation process at SLCC and across the state, Canvas received the highest approval from faculty and students and met the state's evaluation criteria better than any of the other available options.

Requesting Access

If you would like access to a Canvas development site, please call our Canvas Administrator at (801) 957-3963.

NOTE:  Please do not request a free instructor account with, as any work you do there will not be transferred to UEN's hosted version of Canvas once it becomes available.

Anticipated Migration Timeline

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Canvas Support Resources

As a partner in the Utah Consortium, we have access to support resources from the State Consortium, as well as Instructure.  Additional SLCC training and documentation resources are currently under development.