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Learn anywhere, anytime.

With over 200 online courses, you can receive a valued education without ever stepping foot on campus.  

You can also mix and match online and classroom learning (hybrid) to maximize both your lifestyle and learning style.

The result is a flexible tool to help you reach your academic and career goals.  So, you'll receive the relevant knowledge and skills you need, while keeping the schedule that you want.

Course Type Description


Learning activities primarily take place online.  Some in-person learning activities (including testing) may be required (<10%), not necessarily on-campus.


Learning activities are facilitated between a classroom and an online learning space.  Classroom time IS REDUCED, requiring students to be engaged in other learning activities online or outside of the classroom.

Learning activities primarily take place in the classroom.   Some learning activities may be offered in an online learning space (<20%).  Classroom time IS NOT REDUCED.

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