Remote Proctoring

If you live outside Salt Lake County, you may arrange for remote proctoring. A proctor is an individual not associated with you who is present to ensure a secure testing environment free of distractions and resources that might compromise the integrity of the exam. Qualified proctors are employed by one of the facilities listed in item 2 below.

Note: Deadline to Submit Fall 2019 Remote Proctor Request is Monday, December 2nd (unless your course has scheduled exams prior to that date). Please allow at least three business days for processing and review.

A new proctor agreement must be approved for each course and semester. It is your responsibility to:

  1. Submit your request (via the form below) in keeping with the particular exam schedule for your course;
  2. Identify a proctoring facility to administer your exam. Acceptable facilities are:
    • College or university testing centers (preferred)
    • For-profit testing centers
    • Military education centers
    • US embassies or consulates (if you are outside the country)
  3. Work with the staff at the approved facility to schedule a time to take the exam within the specified testing window; and,
  4. Pay any fee that the facility may charge for the service.

A proctor at the facility must:

  1. Provide a business address, phone number, and email address (public email addresses, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., will not be accepted).
  2. Have internet access.
  3. Understand instructions written in English.
  4. Confirm that the facility is able to provide a secure setting for test administration.

SLCC testing center staff will email all exams directly to the facility a few days prior to the exam dates.

Instructional Testing Center policies apply for all proctored exams.

Proctor Request Form