New Student Orientation

Orientation FAQ

  1. Which Orientation is the right one for me?
    We have three types of orientation and you can choose the type that fits your needs best.
    • CampusConnect – Extended, in-depth Orientation designed for recent high school graduate and their families. Sessions are only offered in June and July.
    • QuickConnect – 90-minute in-person sessions offered mornings, afternoons, and evenings throughout the year.
    • NetConnect – Ideally, we'd like to see you on campus for orientation, but we realize that isn't an option for everyone. Our NetConnect orientation is good for students unable to attend an in-person, campus-based orientation or for transfer students who are already familiar with college expectations and procedures. Please be aware that a follow-up advising workshop is highly recommended.

  2. Does Orientation cost anything?
    QuickConnect and NetConnect are free. CampusConnect does have a low-cost fee.

  3. Is Orientation Mandatory?
    Yes, if you are a first-time freshman, former concurrent students or early enrollment you are required to attend an Orientation. For those that are returning or transfer students, you are given an earlier registration date if you complete Orientation.

  4. How long does the Orientation last?
    CampusConnect Orientation is a half day of events. QuickConnect lasts 90-minutes which includes a 30-minute group advising session. NetConnect takes about an hour to complete.

  5. Do I need to sign up for the Orientation?
    We recommend that you register beforehand.

  6. Where to park when I come for the Orientation?
  7. What do I need to bring to orientation?
    You must present a picture ID (drivers license, state ID, etc.) at check-in. It is also helpful to bring a copy of your admissions letter if available.

  8. Do I need to take Accuplacer test before I attend orientation?
    We suggest you take the Accuplacer test before attending Orientation but it is not a requirement to attend Orientation. We recommend that you complete the Accuplacer soon after Orientation if you have not done so already.

  9. I have recently applied to the SLCC, can I come for Orientation?
    Yes, if you have just applied we might not have all of your information but you are still welcome to attend Orientation.

  10. After I complete orientation, how long do I have to wait to register for my classes?
    We will release the registration hold within 24 hours of completing Orientation.

  11. I just need to take one class, do I need to attend Orientation?
    If you fall in the Mandatory Orientation category, yes. If you are a returning or transfer student, no.

  12. I want to take all my classes at Taylorsville Campus, can I attend Orientation at another campus?
    Yes, we offer Orientation sessions at Taylorsville Redwood, South City, Jordan, and Miller Campuses. You may attend orientation at any campus even if you intend to take classes at another campus.

  13. I got a parking ticket on the day I came to the Orientation, what should I do?
    Call the Orientation office within 2 days of receiving the ticket at 801-957-4299. We will need your Ticket #, License Plate # and Student ID. We will only waive the ticket if it is within the 2 days, otherwise you will need to contact Parking Services.