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Carl Perkins Grant Funding

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 is designed to develop more fully the academic, career and technical skills of post-secondary students by developing challenging academic and technical standards. The Act is also intended to help students prepare for high skill, high wage, or high demand occupations in current or emerging professions.

SLCC receives the largest portion of Carl D. Perkins funding in the state of Utah.

The U.S. Dept. of Education measures SLCC's success through the following Core Indicator Measurements:

  1. Technical Skills Attainment (Number of students who pass skills assessments that are aligned with industry recognized standards and result in State licensure);
  2. Number of industry recognized Credentials and Certificates / Degrees given students;
  3. Retention;
  4. Placement in Employment; and
  5. Non-Traditional Student Participation and Placement.

Funding allocations are determined annually by the Carl Perkins Advisory Committee which is chaired and overseen by the CTE Business Administrator. As voting members on the Advisory Committee, Deans with CTE programs within their schools participate and determine funding recommendations through a competitive proposal submission process.

In February, an RFP (Request for Proposal) email announcing the availability of funds is sent to all individuals on the Carl Perkins Advisory Committee. This email contains a simple one-page proposal template along with a budget worksheet and grant guidelines.

Deans are then asked to forward this RFP to eligible areas within their schools. Faculty members are given four-five weeks to submit their proposals, through their Deans, to the Grant Office via e-mail to Carl Perkins.

Proposals are reviewed by the Carl Perkins Advisory Committee in April, with added weight given to those proposals demonstrating 1) a clear impact on the Carl Perkins Core Indicator Measurements listed at the top of this page, or 2) a strong tie to SLCC strategic initiatives.

Carl Perkins Documents

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