Bruin Scholars

Your Guide to Success

The Bruin Scholars program is specially designed to support first-generation, undocumented, transitioning-out-of-foster care, nontraditional students, and students who just need help figuring out college, thrive at SLCC. Our staff and peer mentors can help you have a smooth transition to SLCC and can be your support system when things get tough. As a Bruin Scholar you will receive exclusive invitations to program events, registration assistance every semester, access to campus and community resources, and a chance to connect with other SLCC students and potential mentors.

What's in it for me?

  • Personalized attention from a dedicated staff member
  • Exclusive invitation to program events
  • Personalized registration assistance
  • Connect to campus and community resources
  • Connect with peers

You will be expected to...

  1. Participate in the Summer Bridge to Success program (see more info below)
  2. Take the appropriate English and/or Math class every term until you finish the requirements for your program of study.
  3. Attend at least 2 campus events outside of the classroom.
  4. Meet with your assigned Bruin Scholars staff member at the beginning of the semester to set academic goals and for a midterm check-in meeting.
  5. Participate in the weekly student success group.

Bridge to Success

Start college without the stress! Make new friends, get to know your campus resources, and be ready when college starts!
The Bridge to Success program will be an online course that will give you the opportunity to meet your Bruin Scholar’s staff and peer mentors. We’ll talk about how to navigate a college classroom, different ways to pay for college, and much more. Availability limited sign up now to guarantee your spot.
Students who successfully complete the Bridge to Success course will be able to compete for a fall semester tuition waiver. Tuition waiver recipients will need to complete a small amount of service hours. Students will also have the opportunity to apply for a textbook voucher. Learn more about these opportunities on the first day of class.

Apply Now

Click on the campus you would like participate at and fill out the form.

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Jordan Campus:

South City Campus:

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be required to attend two different types of events. One event will be a Bruin Scholars event that you will be invited to by your peer mentors. Your second event can be anything happening on campus such as a club meeting or event, lecture, workshop, or SLCC athletics game. We encourage you to get involved.

You will meet with your Bruin Scholar dedicated staff member to discuss what your goal for the semester is. You’ll then create a Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time (S.M.A.R.T) Goal.

You will meet with your Bruin Scholar dedicated staff member to discuss how your semester is going, how you are doing on your goal and have your instructors fill out a form indicating your progress in your classes


That’s ok. You will work with your Bruin Scholars staff member to create a plan to ensure you can start taking math as soon as possible.

Bridge to Success will give you the opportunity to learn about the College’s resources, meet with instructors, create peer connections, and begin learning how to be a successful college student before classes even begin.

If you are unable to attend Bridge to Success because of a valid reason, such as a previously scheduled vacation or work conflict, or you learned about it after it started,  meet with your Bruin Scholars staff member to work on a success plan for your semester.

It depends on which campus you attend.

Taylorsville Campus it will be Erin Stirling. You can contact her by emailing her at

Jordan Campus it will be Nancy Giraldo. You can contact her by emailing her at

South City Campus it will be FenRong Liu. You can contact her by emailing her at

That’s great. You can participate at whichever campus you attend.


Contact Erin Stirling at | 801-957-5144.