Paralegal Studies

A paralegal is a person qualified through education, training and work experience, who under direction and supervision of an attorney performs delegated legal work for the attorney or law firm which the attorney otherwise would perform. Although a paralegal is not licensed to practice law, he or she completes tasks traditionally performed by an attorney with the exceptions of giving legal advice, independently representing clients and any other unauthorized practice of law.

This American Bar Association approved program is designed for those considering employment as a paralegal who wish to update their professional development or for those already in the field. Students who are interested in pursuing courses leading to a Bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies should consult the Academic Advisor at (801) 957-4978.

General Education requirements and elective courses provide training in effective oral and written communication and human relation skills. Various courses are taught using group and team activities in the learning process to develop the student’s interactive skills and to build human values and ethics.


Division of Management,
Marketing, and Legal Studies
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Business Building, Room 109
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