Parking Ticket Appeals

To appeal a parking ticket, you can login into the online Parking Services Portal, click the “Citations” tab at the top, and select “Appeal Citation”. From there you will see which citations you’ve paid which are eligible for appeal. Select the citation you want to appeal and complete/submit the online form. All violations must be paid in full prior to submitting an appeal. Appeal forms must be turned in within 25 days of the date on your citation(s).

You will be notified of the results via email within 7 to 10 business days regarding the status of your appeal.

Extra fees applied from not paying your ticket within seven days will not be refunded, even if your appeal is successful.

If your appeal is denied, you can re-appeal by meeting with the appeals committee composed of students, faculty and staff. You have 25 days from the date of your appeal's denial to schedule this appointment. Call Parking Services at 801-957-4011 to schedule a meeting with the committee.

Note: Once your vehicle has been booted, you lose the right to appeal any citations associated with that instance. This includes the boot fee. Any appeals submitted for fees associated with a booted vehicle will be automatically denied.