Parking Services



The appeal process is used to resolve disputed parking violations. All violations must be paid in full prior to submitting an appeal. Violation fine doubles after seven days, must pay the double amount when appealing the ticket after seven days.  The right to appeal a ticket will be forfeited after 30 days from date of ticket. There are two levels to the appeal process: 

***Late fees will not be refunded.

First Level: 

Written appeal to Parking Services.  Appeal forms may be obtained and submitted to the South City Cashier and ID Center, Jordan Campus Cashier and ID Center, Taylorsville Redwood Campus Cashier, Parking Services Office (GFSB 103) or by clicking here.  The form must be complete and legible for the appeal to be considered.  You will be contacted by mail within seven to ten days as to the disposition of your appeal.  If the appeal is DENIED, the money will be applied to the violation that was appealed.  If the appeal is GRANTED you must bring the granted appeal card with picture ID to the Parking Services Office or email the request for a reimbursement.

Second Level:

Meeting with re-appeal committee that includes student leaders, faculty and  staff members. All committee members are volunteers.  Committee members can either grant, deny or reduce the fine amount.  Their decision is final. The committee meets the first Monday of the month and appointments must be scheduled in advance with Parking Services by calling 801-957-4011.  A written appeal must be completed  prior to meeting with the re-appeal committee.  

Meter Appeals:  

Meter appeals must be done within 24 hours of violation to verify problems with meter.


If you have received an Appeals notification card in the mail and would like your refund sent to you, please email us at with your Ticket number,  Student number, and current address.